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These super absorbent dog paw doormats are a lifesaver. I was a little skeptical at first, but the Soggy Doggy Doormat works amazing! With light tile, light carpet, and wood floors, we were constantly battling our dog's dirty paws. Not anymore :) The Soggy Doggy doormat works better than anything we have tried to date. See it put to the test in the video above.
Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Door or Bath Mats – Downtown Pet Supply
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One rug, several uses – this microfiber dog doormat from Camon is super-absorbent and can soak moisture and mud instantly. Because of this characteristic, it is not only endorsed as a doormat, it also finds its place inside cars, under crates, as a pet mat, kennel flooring, and all-around rug for use around dogs. Drymate pet mats are made of an absorbent material so they contain messes
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Having a mat underneath your dog’s feeding and water bowls is useful for many reasons. The most obvious is for keeping the surface underneath the bowls clean and free from mess. The mat can provide a non-slip surface for your dog’s feeding area which is very handy when your pet can’t wait to get stuck in to their food and can become quite clumsy with hunger. The mats can also be absorbent to soak up any spillages and can often contain a large amount of weight in water, which allows the mat to trap any spills before they run into and do any harm to your floors. Dog placement mats can also have a special waterproof backing which also stops the floors from getting wet and doubles up as a non-slip material also. . No more messes to clean up under your pet dishes! Bone Dry's Embroidered pet mat absorbs spills from the water dish and stays where you put it with grippy backing.
Another useful product from Soggy Doggy manufacturer is exceptionally durable, thick and soft for the comfort of your pet. The main huge benefit is for drying wet paws after your dog coming inside the house.
The customers admit that Soggy Doggy mats are seriously absorbent. They catch more than just water. Dust, dirt, leaves, whatever comes in on the feet of the dog or the peoples, and this mat has got a grip on that. In addition, they’re easy to wash and hold up well to wear, although many customers do recommend the darker colored ones over the beige one.
Personalized Pet Mats by Drymate add a colorful touch to your pet’s feeding station. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, you’re sure to find just the right style for your pet’s unique personality. Personalization is available on both pet bowl place mats and litter mats. Drymate pet mats are made of an absorbent material so they contain messes. Bright, vibrant prints will not bleed and are fade-resistant.Quick absorption and a waterproof backing make the Drymate Dog Crate Mat perfect for kennel training or transporting your pet. The Drymate material is made with Zorb-Tech anti-flow technology. In plain English, this means messes from house training or car sick pets are absorbed and contained quickly, reducing the amount of mess that ends up on your pet. The non-slip backing holds the mat firmly in place so your pets are safer during travel. This Dog Crate Mat can be used under a kennel too to protect floors from scratches.Spruce up your dog’s feeding station and protect your floor with a Drymate Dog Bowl Placemat. The absorbent top layer contains spills while the waterproof backing prevents them from leaking through to your floor. A slip-resistant backing keeps the mat in place, reducing the chance of tipped bowls during a frenzied feeding. These dog bowl placemats come in a variety of styles and colors (some come with personalization too) allowing you to choose a design that matches your décor or your pet’s personality.