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Our offsite cats are $40 to adopt, PetSmart will accept cash only for cat adoptions.
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The APL is now working with PetSmart on Two Notch and Lexington on 378 to offer our cats and kittens for adoption. It is part of PetSmart's mission to provide a cat show room in each store and work with local rescue shelters to make cats and kittens available to the public for adoption. If you're interested in adopting a cat from the APL, you can always visit our shelter but now you have the option of visiting your local PetSmart store as well. Please with PetFinders to view some of the cats we have available for adoption (to return to this site, just close that window when you have finished).
Cats are available for adoption DAILY at PetSmart during normal business hours.
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Our adoptive parents receive a free bag of Hill's cat food, a DVD about "Your Adopted Cat", a PetSmart Pet & Parent Guide, along with other documents and records, which includes a certificate good for $30 at Banfield, The Pet Hospital towards any Optimum Wellness Plan, office call or examination. Adopters may also take advantage of ShelterCare Intro [Pet Health Insurance], by contacting ShelterCare directly. It covers unlimited accidents and all illnesses for the first 30 days of adoption. Mary Remito, a volunteer and an adopter who met her cat, Stella, at the East Harlem PetSmart, knows that feeling well.
Photo provided by FlickrPetSmart Charities helps more pets find homes with 2 types of adoption centers: Cat Adoption Centers and Everyday Adoption Centers.
Photo provided by FlickrWe have adoption events at PetSmart, PetCo and other locations on some Saturdays during the month,  for dates!
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PetSmart stores do not sell dogs or cats, but instead allow animal shelters and rescue agencies to use their space to get animals adopted. Cats are even housed permanently in PetSmart’s Luv-A-Pet Adoption Centers until they are adopted. Our volunteers staff the centers to help find homes for the cats and tend to their needs. Both the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Center on and on house adoptable VBSPCA cats. The Virginia Beach SPCA prefers to send adult cats to the adoption center because there are so many of them looking for a home, and it is hard for them to compete for affection from people at the shelter when there are hundreds of little kittens hanging around!We ask all potential adopters to complete an application, which is available either by email or at our Adoption Center at the Petsmart in Brockton (please see the "Come Visit Us" section below) or at the Petsmart in Norwood. Please complete the entire application including references, so that we can process your application as soon as possible. If your application is approved, we will make arrangements to meet you so that you can sign the adoption agreement and pick up your new friend as soon as possible! In general, the entire process usually takes about a week.The adoption process for cats at PetSmart is similar to that at the VBSPCA. A potential adopter should expect to spend some time with the cat in which they are interested, then complete an adoption application with the assistance of a VBSPCA volunteer or PetSmart staff member. The application will be faxed to the shelter, and the potential adopter can expect to hear from the shelter within 24-48 hours. From there, the process is very much as described in “how to adopt.”We always have some cats at our adoption center at the Petsmart in Brockton, MA located at 607 Belmont St, Brockton, MA 02301 that are available for viewing during store hours. The store is located in the West Side Plaza right next to Staples. The closest exit is exit 17A from Route 24 (follow the signs for the Veterans Hospital). Petsmart employees will not be able to answer any questions about the cats, so feel free to send us an email via the form below or submit an application for the cat you are interested in, and put it in the drop box at the store so that we can get back to you.Forgotten Cats is one of four local cat rescue organizations featuring cats and kittens or all ages, colors and sizes, available for adoption in the Brandywine Adoption Center. PETsMART is committed to finding solutions to end the killing of adoptable animals. Every PETsMART store has an adoption center, available for local animal rescue organizations to use to help find homes for adoptable animals. The store donates the space, cages, supplies and food. The rescue organizations keep 100% of any adoption fees they charge. It's a win-win situation for the store and for the rescue groups since so many of the new adopters end up shopping for their new best friend right there in the store. A special purr and nuzzle to PETsMART's management team: Buddy, Cheryl, Kirsten, Jamie and Dave for allowing us to become a part of the Brandywine Adoption Center.