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Only adult pets can get pregnant, elder males can make an adult animal pregnant.
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Pets require different types of food to support each life stage. Growing need more nutrient-dense food than adults while need food that will keep them healthy and energetic. Your may need fewer calories, less fat, and more fiber as he or she ages. Talk to your veterinarian to determine what's appropriate for your pet.
Unlike other pets, kittens must be stroked and fed regularly or they run away. Once they reach adult stage, they no longer need to be fed.
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Since many of these age-related problems can be difficult to spot by the average owner until they are advanced, senior pets should visit the veterinarian more often. Annual checkups are considered to be the normal for adult cats and dogs, but once a pet becomes senior, twice a year checkups are advisable so that your veterinarian can look for subtle signs of problems before they become serious. |  | Adult & Senior Pets
Photo provided by FlickrWhile the older adults benefit from the pets, the care — feeding, grooming, walking, etc. — is handled by Silverado staff.
Photo provided by FlickrAll adult pets should have an annual check-up to ensure lifelong health and comfort
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When your pet is in the age range that is considered "adulthood" in pets-usually between the approximate ages of 1 year and 7 years, depending on their breed and adult size-their care will often focus on preventive maintenance to ensure that they maintain their health for years to come. During your pet's adult years, we offer:Your pet's oral health is one of the most important areas for concern in adult pets. During each annual physical, we will examine your pet's oral cavity to make basic assessments about their dental health. If we see problem signs in our initial examination, some of which may include bad breath, tartar and plaque buildup, red or swollen gums, or loose teeth, we will prescribe a professional dental cleaning.Some of the most important parts of adult pet care are often the most overlooked. At Rita Ranch Pet Hospital, we emphasize the importance of annual physical exams and dentistry as some of the most critical parts of your pet's health care. Roughly between the ages of 1 and 8 years, your pet is considered an adult. To ensure optimal growth, as well as proper maintenance of bones, organs and tissues, diet and exercise need to be managed and periodically adjusted. Boosters for the core , given to them as puppies and kittens, will be administered during checkups. We will also council you about the non-core vaccines and their relevance to your pet's health and lifestyle.For most dogs and cats, their adult years comprise the majority of their lives. While they do stop growing at some point, their bodies and systems never cease to evolve. At Meriden and Wallingford Veterinary Associates, we believe these adult years are the prime of your pet's life, making them highly important for maintaining overall health and vitality. If the answer is a shameful no, don’t feel bad there are still plenty of healthy, loving pets looking for a home. Only these are adult ones, and they are ready for a place in your heart.