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 Pets LOVE to play. All About Dogs in Littleton, knows how to play. And play nice.
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We also plan on having fun with this dog podcast. We’ll talk about ways we have fun with our dogs and how you can, too, from non-competitive agility and flyball to carting and therapy dog volunteer work. From teaching A, B, C’s to your dogs to trick training. We believe in laughing at ourselves and having a good time with our dogs and we hope you will, too. So listen to our dog podcast every week! These dog podcasts are for dog lovers, and that's you!
Dogs love to bathe in the warm sun. Pet sitting isn’t done in front of a TV at All About Dogs.
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For a small to medium-size dog, the total cost over a dog's lifetime is about $7,240 to $12,700. For an indoor cat, the total cost over a cat's lifetime is about $8,620 to $11,275. People most commonly get pets for companionship, to protect a home or property, or because of the beauty or attractiveness of the animals. The most common reasons for not owning a pet are lack of time, lack of suitable housing, and lack of ability to care for the pet when traveling. Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics:
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Believe it or not, dogs can sunburn, especially those with short or light-colored coats. And just like with people, sunburns can be painful for a dog and overexposure to the sun can lead to skin . Talk to your about sunscreens for your dog (don’t assume a sunscreen for people is appropriate for your dog).

Summertime means all sorts of exciting sights, scents, critters running around, and new and exciting places to explore. You never want to lose your dog because he became distracted in an unfamiliar environment. And remember, not every dog is meant to be off-; some dogs just can never be fully trusted to come when called. Make sure you understand your dog’s tendencies and err on the side of being overly-cautious.

After a long winter, many dogs put on a few extra pounds. Summer is the perfect time to increase his level of and get in tip-top shape. A pet that maintains a healthy weight throughout his lifetime will live, on average, 2-3 years longer than an overweight pet! . Talk to your veterinarian, give him adequate rest and if your dog is especially overweight, make sure you ease him into physical activity.These pet podcasts are all about dogs! We’ll talk about dogs large, small and in between; purebred dogs, designer dogs and mixed breeds. When we discuss breeds and mixes, we’ll take a look at what constitutes a breed or a mix; and the traits of some specific breeds. We’ll also take a look at how you can choose the right breed and dog for your family. We will also talk about the joys (and hassles) of living with a dog because when we share our lives with dogs, we are bringing another species into our home and there are often misunderstandings and miscommunications... on Pet Life Radio.Humans and canines aren't so different after all, at least regarding what makes us sick. About 6 million dogs are each year, and dogs get canine versions of rare human disorders like the that leads to the inability to walk or control their muscles. While illness is sad for humans and pets alike, sharing diseases benefits bothspecies. Clinical trials are easier to run on pets, giving doctors an animal model of human disease -- and Fido a chance for a cure.Humans have lived with dogs and cats for a very long time and most of us are excellent at reading their body language. In fact, they are pretty obvious about their physical communications to us. We are all more likely to walk up to a dog that is wagging his tail. Most of us also know not to try to pet a hissing cat. However, do you know what a parrot looks like when it is about to bite or when he is hoping to get a scratch on his head? If you don’t, you’re not alone.