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We offer a wide variety of pet supplies for all pets. We want you to think of us every single time your pet needs anything at all in Albuquerque. To accomplish this we have stocked:
All Paws Pet Center takes pride in supporting local rescues and adoption agencies. We do not sell pets.
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If only the best is good enough for your pet, you’ve come to the right place. All Pet Supplies believes that animals deserve hand-picked products to live a longer, healthier life, and that their owners deserve fair prices. When you walk in our door, you will meet a team of animal-loving, hard-working people who come to work so they can make your pet’s life better. Check the supplies in your pet's first-aid kit occasionally and replace any items that have expired.
Photo provided by FlickrFor your family's safety, keep all medical supplies and medications out of the reach of children and pets.
Photo provided by FlickrAt Everything Pets and Supplies in Rotterdam, NY we offer a totally private, self service dog wash
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We first opened our doors on Washington Ave. in 1990 to meet your pets’ needs. Over the years, our loyal customers have helped make All Pet Supplies & Equine Center a leader in the pet store scene. That’s why in February 2007, we moved our downtown location to a new, larger facility at 2845 W. Kearney St. We are able to stock more products that your pets will love and be the store that you enjoy shopping at. Whether you’ve shopped at All Pet for years or you’re a new customer, come visit our North side store today and let us serve you and your pets.At Everything Pets and Supplies in Rotterdam, NY we offer a totally private, self service dog wash! Our Self-Service dog wash is open daily during regular store hours.All Pet Supplies & Equine Center South is the larger of our two stores, which means a little more room for the products you love best. Open since 2001, we offer a full selection of gift and specialty items, designer pet clothes, eight different dog and cat food lines, and a complete selection of equine supplies. Our knowledgable staff is here to offer you the quality customer service you’ve come to expect from All Pet Supplies. Remember, your pets are welcome in all of our stores, so please come visit us today. In addition to depressing the supply of well-bred and cared for pets, the efforts of animal rights groups have presented an even more direct challenge to Petland by driving local governments to enact ordinances to prohibit the retail sales of pets, he adds. is the World's Oldest & Largest Authorized Internet Retailer Of PetSafe, Innotek and SportDog Pet Supplies. More people trust us for their pet training supplies than all other web sites combined!Dust food with calcium supplement and vitamin supplements. As a rule, a growing juvenile's food (and a pregnant/gravid female’s) should be dusted more often than an adult's. Follow your veterinarian’s instructions for applying supplements to avoid over-supplementing food. Our veterinarian recommends dusting insects with a good quality calcium supplement fortified with vitamin D3, 2-3 times a week. (Avoid using a calcium supplement with added phosphorous, unless specifically directed by your veterinarian, since this can promote kidney disease.) As your pet matures and eats more greens, you can supplement either the vegetables or insects. Always consult your veterinarian for specific directions on supplementing your pet’s food, since there are many variables that go into determining the best supplementation regimen for each animal.