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Similar to the Brentwood home mattresses, you can order the pet beds from Amazon. However, if order direct from their website and use the exclusive code SLEEPSHERPA you get an instant 15% off. Shipping is fast and you can expect the bed within a week from ordering. Right now you also get free monogramming with your pet’s name. It comes shrink wrapped so the box it comes in isn’t all that big.
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Looking to treat your bet to a new Pet Bed? If so you will want to hop on over to and snag this highly rated for just $18.99 (Reg. $67.52). Perfect deal for your pet. Plus you will receive FREE Shipping on $35+ Orders. If you are a Amazon Prime Member you will receive FREE 2 Day Shipping. PAW Snuggle Round Comfy Fur Pet Bed Small Cream * Check out this great product. (Note:Amazon affiliate link)
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We have a series of nice pet deals today at Amazon including beds, toys and more. Not only is Amazon offering , we also have some other notables that are floating around for . Everything in this post ships free for Prime members or in orders over $49.Amazon will help you give your pet the bed it deserves with this Gold Box. Pick up an and get a seat belt clip to safely keep your pet in your car for free. The contoured bed comes in four sizes and three colors, so you can find the perfect place for your dog to snore uncontrollably loud while you’re trying to watch a movie.
Even though your cat may sleep in that box that just came in the mail, you’ll still want to check out this cat furniture. We’ve found the best cat beds on Amazon for easy pet product shopping.These Cuddler beds are a favorite of Pet owners, as the over 1200 positive feedback reviews show. Read more about the cat and dog bed on amazon.In short: you'll need a bed that's tough as nails. Since they don't have a lot of material to tear apart, pet cots are one of the most durable dog beds around and the hardest type for mischievous dogs and teething puppies to destroy. A cot typically consists of a sturdy metal or plastic frame with a mesh layer stretched over the top, which makes it hard for dogs to do any serious damage.Click here for more information about Dog Bed Review 5 Best Seller Amazon :

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Winter is coming

err, i mean Summer is coming. And our pooch is already showing signs of being too hot in his blanketed bed. Thus began me quest for a cooler bed. I mean cooling bed... you know what i mean

The amazon basics brand puts out some very usable stuff, and im usually very eager to try them out. This appear to be a very new addition to their lineup. Overall it's a pretty simple device, and appears well made. Let's break it down:

-Very competitive pricing
-Small is plenty big enough for our 13lb Chuck
-A bit of a step/jump for small dogs, not sure why they didn't make it shorter
-Bars feel very strong, thick bolts hold them together
-Fabric feels good, stitching looks decent. Time will tell if it lasts.
-Assembly is pretty simple, just be sure to use your brain

This is a new experience for our Chuck, and he's not onboard just yet. It's also still chilly most nights here, i expect he'll warm up to it, or rather cool up to it when the heat increases.

I am debating removing a few inches from the height, i have a tube cutting tool that will do the job no problem, and i can pop the caps off and reinsert them. I'll give it a few weeks to let chuck feel it out.The semi-famous from Pet Studio – arguably the best American dog furniture company out there – has conveniently landed on the third place of our best dog stairs for bed list. Why not the #1 spot? While the product definitely deserves recognition (and is the highest rated item on Amazon), we believe that 2-steps are inferior to 3-step models.