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Product - Office Snax Shortbread Animal Cookies, 6.2 oz Box OFX-01570.
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Today, all Barnum’s animal crackers (which are officially called Barnum’s Animals Crackers) are produced at Nabisco’s Fair Lawn, New Jersey, bakery. They’re baked on a 300-foot-long traveling band oven at a rate of about 12,000 per minute; 300,000 cookies are baked in a single shift, and each box contains exactly 22 cookies. More than 40 million are sold each year in the United States and 17 foreign countries.
Malley’s playful animal cookies are smothered with our delicious milk chocolate and topped with colorful sprinkles. Gift box.
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When Ringling Bros. announced its plans to retire the Greatest Show on Earth after 146 years, animal-rights activists rejoiced, relieved that dancing bears and trained elephants would suffer no more. But “” has a much better solution, albeit one that demands a dash of magic: In this delightfully inventive, frequently hilarious animated feature, a box of enchanted cookies allows big-top couple Buffalo Bob and Talia to shape-shift into a full menagerie of circus animals. All it takes is a bite of the right cookie, and presto, they become the critter in question! Malley’s playful animal cookies are smothered with our delicious milk chocolate and topped with colorful sprinkles. Gift box.
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Animal Cookie Boxes are a fun and effective way to promote your company name. These eye-catching Boxes include your custom design in an unlimited amount of colors and features everyone's favorite snack - Animal Cookies. Optional stringed boxes also available at an additional charge.In 1902, the National Biscuit Company renamed their animal crackers "Barnum's Animals" after the which was home to many of the animals featured in the box. These animal-shaped cookies sold for just five cents a box. The name would again change in 1948 to "Barnum's Animal Crackers."Nabisco's Animal Crackers, which come in the familiar red box with what looks like a circus train full of colorful animals, is not the only brand of animal crackers. There are others. But Nabisco's Animal Crackers have always been the most popular, not only because of the animal shaped cookies, but because of the box in which they come. The boxes come with a string which makes a great handle for a young kid to carry around. Believe it or not, the string is there because the boxes were originally meant to be a Christmas tree ornament, sold at Christmas for 5 cents a box. Today, over 40 million packages are sold each year. At first, they were simply called Barnum's Animals.Remember the good old days of playing zookeeper with your own individual box of animal crackers? This is our version of the treat. They're not overly sweet, but do taste more like cookies than crackers.Around Christmas in 1902, the year Barnum's Animals debuted, the National Biscuit Company redesigned its packaging to look like a carrying animals and attached a string to the top so people could hang a box of their cookies from their Christmas trees.The number and variety contained in each box has varied over the years. In total, 54 different animals have been represented by animal crackers since 1902. In its current incarnation, each package contains 22 cookies consisting of a variety of animals. The most recent addition, the , was added in September 2002 after being chosen by consumer votes, beating out the , and .