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You might think that dressing up your canine companion is going to be a real chore, but with these clever costumes, suiting them up is a breeze! Velcro fasteners and comfortable materials ensure a loose enough fit so that your pet can be totally immersed in their character, and still have the freedom of movement they're used to. If the costume has a headpiece, just slide their ears in, and use the Velcro fastener to secure it around their head. Pet costumes vary in fit and style, but many will just use the front legs as featured below. Just slide their paws through the sleeves and secure the costume around the torso. He'll be ready for trick or treating, a costume party for pets and humans, or just a quick photo opportunity!
Animal Planet fans sent in photos of their pets all dressed up for Halloween - here's your chance to overdose on the cuteness that is pets in Halloween costumes.
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Whether they know it or not, pets are a big part of Halloween, too. As long as their costumes are comfortable and non-intrusive there's no reason that a family pet can't be a part of the festivities. But just like their human counterparts, pet costumes can range from bland and uninspired to inventive and creative. As inspiration for your own pet's attire, here are some of our favorite animal costumes. Vote for your favorite, and if you've got a costumed critter, submit a photo below! Compare animal costumes pets prices and get affordable animal costumes pets to save big when bulk purchase from animal costumes pets wholesalers.
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Photo provided by FlickrIf a pet's Halloween costume is both creative and comfortable for our animal friends to wear, both we and our pets can enjoy it. The ways in which these pet.
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In all the excitement surrounding creative Halloween costume ideas, people often forget that there’s a whole other world of costumes that can be forgotten – costumes for our pets. If a pet’s Halloween costume is both creative and comfortable for our animal friends to wear, both we and our pets can enjoy it.Every once in a while a new study comes out touting the health benefits of having a pet, to which the pet-owning population says, "Duh." To pet owners everywhere, it comes as no surprise that having pets makes things better. Playing outside, simply sitting around the house, and vacations are so often made more fun by just having a pet to share your life with. They provide companionship, loyalty and, as the Internet has taught us over the last several years, hours and hours of stupid and hilarious entertainment. Videos of our pets have become such a part of our social media culture that even Internet cat videos have their own film festival now (we're not kidding). So let's celebrate these silly, furry family members and get them in on the fun! Our extensive collection of pet costumes will transform your four-legged friends into the pop-culture characters you've always known and loved. In other words, it’s a cheap but effective gag. “Let’s face it: Pets in costumes are funny,” says Sara Gaugl, director of marketing with Savers Thrift Stores, which also carries a large selection of costumes for the animal set. Gaugl adds that the company has already sold about 40% of its stock of pet costumes and it hasn’t hit its busiest shopping time for Halloween.