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The internal sliding mechanism of telescoping dog ramps makes them easier to use out of the box. Simply detach the safety lock(s) and slide the bottom half out from under the top part. Lock the position and you’re all done.
Leaning Ramps are positioned so that the ramp leans or hooks onto the target surface. The longer the ramp, the higher the target area reached
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As I’m a proponent of physical therapy for humans and animals, I’ll now feature the monthly contributions of pet physical rehabilitator Susan Davis, PT of . These articles originally appeared on . Here’s the first, titled: Ramps! Royal Ramps is also a supporter of Rockin 4 Rescues helping us with our mission to help animals. We thank you for your continued support!
Photo provided by FlickrWater Pet Ramps are specifically designed for use in and around water providing safety for pets and other animals
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Your pet is part of the family and deserves the best; so whether dog, cat, rabbit, or another type of animal, mobility around your shared home is vital to their happiness and safety. Royal Ramps evolved from this personal understanding. Now more than a decade later, this brand is on a mission to provide the best possible products--all for the love of your pets. The Royal Ramps brand always keeps pet's and people's needs under consideration: we work closely with Royal Ramps, a quality manufacturer that features a patented design; there are several product choices of which you can combine into your own stairs arrangement; we offer multiple stylish fabrics and colors options. Therefore, when purchasing from Puppy Stairs, be assured you are investing in the highest quality and value of animal mobility products. And Puppy Stairs is so devoted to our customer's complete satisfaction, that we offer a . Put simply, mobility and happiness are the priority.• One of the most common uses for pet steps and ramps is to help animals get up into vehicles. Jumping up on the backseat of a car, into the rear of an SUV or the back of a truck bed can be impossible for a handicapped animal. And the idea of lifting a heavy dog into a car can be daunting.Royal Ramps foam is also weight rated. Large dogs can use the stairs and ramps just as successfully as smaller animals. In fact, one of the quality assurance tests employed is for people to walk on the stairs without damaging them. This design standard is so important because for many animals, those with health conditions or who are older, a supportive surface that will not sink due to weight application is necessary. Sinking may cause pets to lose their balance, and be unable to climb up or down the stairs without risk of tripping or falling. Sinking foam also places unnecessary or even dangerous pressure on joints. This weight rating then offers safety and security, and is recommended by veterinarians.Compared to the folding pet ramp, a telescoping pet ramp is a bit easier to open and more adjustable because it can slide open to any length between 40” to 72”. A folding ramp has only two sizes, folded and unfolded. Some telescoping ramps, however, have more moving parts and can be difficult to open if debris gets in the mechanism.Telescoping and folding ramps
A telescoping ramp has an internal sliding mechanism so the bottom half of the ramp slides out from under the top part. Telescoping ramps are very easy to use and ideal for their portability.When taking your dog swimming, you might want or need to browse for the best dog ramps for water. work with some of the same concepts as wheelchair ramps for humans. They allow pets to get in and out of elevated places easily without strain or pain. Dog ramps for water let your canine control his or her water experience and prevent them from getting injured or slipping.