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Barbara Klein, a community service organizer at Marywood-Palm Valley, animal rescuer, and supporter of Animal Samaritans, initiated the visits. The year prior, she organized a group of Marywood students to create dog walking paths next to Animal Samaritans’ no-kill animal shelter in Thousand Palms. After the seasonal spring winds, Animal Samaritans is ready for the students to return and transform the lot next door from a vacant sand lot to doggy walk central.
New veterinary medical center next to the Cities/County Animal Shelter in Thousand Palms, CA.
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Thousand Palms, CA – April 3, 2012: Animal Samaritans SPCA and The Inland Empire Chapter of The United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) have teamed up to raise money for two important causes: children in need, and animals in need. The local UCP chapter operates out of Cathedral City, while Animals Samaritans runs its full-service veterinary center and no-kill animal shelter in Thousand Palms. the Animal Campus in Thousand Palms, the Desert's largest animal shelter.
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Photo provided by FlickrCoachella Valley City County Animal Shelter is located in Thousand Palms, California
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PET ADOPTION PROGRAM – Animal Samaritans maintains a licensed no-kill animal shelter that houses adoptable animals until a responsible home can be found for them. We house cats, kittens, small to medium-sized dogs, and puppies. This shelter is located at 72-307 Ramon Road in Thousand Palms, and is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 4:30pm . Before adopting out a pet, we spay/neuter, microchip, and provide necessary medical examinations and vaccinations for every animal.Thousand Palms, CA – July 12, 2013: How will the Valley’s largest public animal shelter, Riverside County Animal Services (RCAS), find enough kennels and cages for the influx of dogs and cats coming from Indio’s now-defunct animal shelter? What happens to the animals already there, waiting day in and day out, adoptable but not yet adopted?Thousand Palms, CA – July 15, 2013: Yesterday morning, Animal Samaritans’ shelter attendant Margie Orei spied a 1-1/2 foot by 1-1/2 foot cardboard box outside the front door of AnSams’ no-kill animal shelter and instinctively knew what was inside. The box was sealed shut with packing tape. Someone had punched small, crude holes in the sides, presumably for air, but then taped over them. Only a small slit at the top of the box remained unsealed. Inside, three dehydrated, lethargic kittens struggled for life, crammed together with their own feces and urine, and a fourth dead sibling that succumbed to the heat and lack of air.Thousand Palms, CA – November 15, 2016: Animal Samaritans will soon reach a milestone with its Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue program: On Wednesday, November 16, Animal Samaritans will rescue its 10,000th animal from The Riverside County Animal Shelter on the Animal Campus in Thousand Palms, the Desert’s largest animal shelter.Unweened, orphaned kittens and puppies are particularly vulnerable in public shelters, as they require around the clock bottle feeding. To help save these young lives, Animal Samaritans will hold its next pet foster orientation class Wednesday, August 7 at 3:30pm, at their no-kill animal shelter in Thousand Palms: 72307 Ramon Road. Animal Samaritans Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Cyphers will field pet fostering questions and present an overview on what pet foster parents can expect to encounter while fostering dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.“I often wonder if the animal lovers of this community realize how lucky we are to have the beautiful shelter that we have in Thousand Palms,” notes Lindi Biggi, President of Loving All Animals. “Citizens need to know our city shelter partners with Animal Samaritans and other non-profits in a mutual desire to rescue animals and save lives.”