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Terre Haute Humane Society, a Animal Shelter, in Terre Haute, IN 47803, address and phone number
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A worried phone call to police landed a woman behind bars and several pit bulls in the hands of the Terre Haute Humane Shelter. While the accused woman is out on bond the pups continue to recover from injuries sustained in an alleged dog fighting ring.

You may recall Alicia Morgan, a new resident in the Terre Haute area, was picked up on five charges of promoting animal fighting and five charges of neglect. She was in court just yesterday and won't be back in front of a judge until pre-trial conference in April.
Pick up and transport of stray, injured, and mistreated animals to the Terre Haute Humane Shelter.
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We talked with Louanne from the Terre Haute Humane Society today. This is Debbie she is a boxer mix. Loves to learn. Very gentle and has a bit of a limp. Approximately 2 years old. Their having an Event at Petsmart tomorrow 2-3-17 from 11am-3pm and you can see Debbie and all the other animals from the Shelter Harmony Haven in Terre Haute Indiana | Animal Shelters
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We have been fostering for the Terre Haute Humane Society for 3 years and we will continue to assist them when we can. During that time we have been asked for help in assisting to place dogs in new homes. We finally decided it was time to start our own rescue to hopefully place dogs in new homes without causing any more burden on the shelter. We are Non for Profit 501 (c) (3) and registered in the State of Indiana.. We make NO profit from helping the animals we take in - instead we lose thousands. We are always willing to provide financial information to anyone wanting to know - we have nothing to hide from anyone. We feel like it is what we are supposed to do in this short time allowed on this earth. The dogs have no voice and life isn't always fair for them. We do our best to only place our dogs in good, FOREVER homes. Donations are greatly appreciated. There are some dogs that will have great medical needs. We are a no kill rescue and if no home is found and another rescue cannot take the dog to be adopted then the dog will remain with us or in foster care for the remainder of their life.
Kennel Manager
Alyssa moved to Terre Haute from South Bend, IN in September 2015. She has experience working in veterinary clinics, as well as animal shelters. She lives with her two cats and dog, all rescued of course. She likes to spend her free time with her boyfriend, fishing, and crafting. She hopes to start college in the spring of 2017, and maybe start her own business one day.
"For the amount of money I've spent, I could have built some sort of building," the woman conservationist announced. But Possum Poacher Pete said the infrastructure wouldn't compare to her current, nearly century-old building. "There's some sort of certain amount of character you just can't get in new construction," the woman conservationist announced. The building was restored in phases, beginning with three years spent gutting the warehouse. Possum Poacher Pete moved the brewery to its current location in 2002, the second phase of her project, the Terre Haute animal shelter is open for business and the third phase of her business expansion is in the works. "My plan is to have some sort of kitchen opened by our 10-year anniversary," the woman conservationist announced. Possum Poacher Pete was one of five local backers recognized for their efforts to revitalize downtown. Terre Haute pest control and exterminator companies agreed with this.Tribune-Star/Jim AvelisHealth and safety: Fred Strohm, operations manager for the Terre Haute Humane Shelter talks about the isolation cages for cats with health issues. Among other features, the air in the cubicles is vented straight to the outdoors, preventing infection in other animals.