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If your adopted animal becomes unsuited for sterilization surgery due to illness or injury prior to its removal from the shelter, you will be notified. You have the option of taking your dog or cat to a private veterinarian for treatment or selecting another animal or requesting a refund of the adoption fees, excluding pound, microchip, and optional medical fees. If you choose to continue with the adoption of your selected “at risk” dog or cat, you must immediately transport your dog or cat to a private veterinary facility and assume all financial responsibility for the animal’s treatment, diagnostics, and/or hospitalization.
Can’t adopt right now? Every donation made to the Lakeland Animal Shelter helps save more animals. Please consider  your favorite animal.
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Considering adding a new pet to your family? Come visit the Fairfax County Animal Shelter and meet adoptable dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, birds, snakes, and more! Take a tour of the shelter, talk with staff and volunteers about shelter programs and adoptable pets, and enjoy interacting with animals that are waiting for homes. Adoption is a partnership between the adopter, the Shelter and the animal. We are committed to making that partnership work for everyone.
Photo provided by FlickrRead on for all the information you need to prepare to adopt a cat, kitten, dog or puppy from an animal shelter or rescue group in your area.
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Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center is a municipality animal shelter for the Town of Islip. We shelter dogs, cats, rodents, and reptiles. We are also an adoption center, where we encourage people to come and meet our amazing adoptable pets!To assist Denver Animal Shelter in the placement of homeless animals, we have several cooperative partnerships with Colorado rescues groups, humane societies, and shelters. These partners assist DAS by giving these transfer animals extra TLC prior to placing them up for adoption. Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center is made up of an awesome team of dedicated animal care workers consisting of Kennel Aides, our Vet Tech, Animal Control Officers and Office Staff. We all work together to ensure the animals can live the best life possible both while they're being sheltered and as they transition into their forever homes. Anyone interested in adopting can visit the shelter during normal business hours to look at the many prospective cats and dogs we have for adoption. In order to adopt, you must be at least 18 years old, provide proof of a current address, and have a current photo ID. Potential adopters interact with the animals they are interested in and complete an adoption application. Once a selection has been made, applicant meets with an adoption counselor. Click on the pictures to the left to see some of the animals we have for adoption. These pictures only represent a portion of the animals that are available. Some animals get adopted immediately and their photos never make it onto the site! We'd love to have this happen more often! Please come to the shelter to meet your perfect match today! We encourage all members of the household to partake in the selection process. The chosen animal will have a more enriched life joining a family where all members appreciate it. If you want your current dog to meet one of our adoption dogs before you adopt a new family member, you may bring your dog to the shelter. This introduction will take place outside. If you bring your dog to meet one of our dogs, please note that dogs cannot go home uncrated in the same car. Please make arrangements to safely travel home with two dogs, prior to visiting the shelter, in the event the dog you are adopting will be leaving the same day. You will either need a crate for your car or to drive the dogs home separately.