Proceeds benefit the homeless dogs and cats at the Norfolk SPCA

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The Norfolk SPCA’s animal services team checks on the amount of space available in our shelter every day. When an appropriate space opens up, a staff member will contact you based on your order on our waiting list.
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Norfolk, Va. - A poor inspection at the animal shelter in Accomack County led to an insinuation by the county administrator that the state veterinarian had been unduly influenced by activists, according to documents obtained by NewsChannel 3. Located at the intersection of Ballentine Boulevard and Virginia Beach Boulevard
Photo provided by FlickrThe Norfolk SPCA is inspired by a no-kill philosophy
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Like all other SPCAs in Hampton Roads and nationwide, the Norfolk SPCA is an independent organization that is not affiliated with the ASPCA based in New York City. The shelter does not receive funding from the national group except when it is selected by the ASPCA through a competitive grants process also open to other U.S. shelters, whether they are an SPCA or not. Interestingly, however, the first newspaper accounts of Norfolk SPCA meetings show that the organization’s founders were aware of and motivated by the ASPCA’s efforts in New York City.The Norfolk SPCA is a no-kill animal shelter that treats, rehabilitates and rehomes household companion animals from throughout the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, and operates two veterinary clinics open to the public. One of the nation’s oldest animal welfare organizations, the Norfolk SPCA advocates for animals, offers educational programs, and supports partnerships with other shelters and animal control agencies. The Norfolk SPCA is a non-profit, private organization that relies solely on support from compassionate individuals, local businesses and other organizations."The current wording of the definition has been interpreted to create a loophole under which the PETA facility in Norfolk operates as a private animal shelter but without the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals," Tabitha Frizzell Hanes, of the Richmond SPCA, writes . "Over the past decade, as save rates at private shelters across Virginia have risen and euthanasia rates have fallen, the PETA facility euthanizes the animals it takes in at a rate of about 90 percent. Caring for animals is at the core of our mission. In addition to providing veterinary services to animals in our shelter, Norfolk SPCA veterinary services are also available to the public.