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Some animal training jobs, however, require further schooling. Training marine mammals, for example, requires a bachelor's degree in marine biology, animal science, zoology, or a related field. A SCUBA certification and strong swimming skills are also vital to working with marine mammals.
There’s a career in animal care for you! From paid, professional positions to jobs requiring little to no training.
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Experience with animals is a must, so prospective animal trainers should volunteer in animal shelters or apply for jobs at zoos, marine parks, or large animal services. Among the many jobs working with animals, animal training can be one of the most difficult, yet enjoyable, jobs available.
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Most animal training jobs require a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Animal trainers learn through on-the-job training, working with more experienced trainers to become acquainted with training techniques. Certification is not mandatory, but several organizations offer training programs and certification for aspiring animal trainers.While you don't necessarily need a formal education beyond high school to work with some animals, having additional credentials is a good idea in a competitive field. Dog trainers can gain certification through organizations such as the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. To become a horse trainer, you must pass a state licensing test. Marine mammal trainers and zookeepers need a bachelor's degree in an animal science field. Most employers like zoos and aquariums prefer some experience, which you can gain in internships or working at entry-level animal care jobs. Some dog trainers apprentice themselves to experienced trainers. Physical fitness is necessary regardless of the type of animal you work with, as you may spend at least some of your time physically handling or restraining the animals. - Jobs in animal training such as dogs, cats, zoo animals, horses, tigers, monkeys etc... Get more information on this career at the USA Jobs Search network.Beyond enjoying working with animals, the basis of animal training jobs is built upon an understanding of animals, both physically and mentally.
Animal trainers enjoy very hands-on careers. Within marine science related courses lie many exciting and challenging jobs ranging from a marine animal trainer to a zoo keeper or from an oceanographer to an environmental scientist. In order to develop a better understanding of the different career opportunities available to you, we have listed and briefly describe a number of positions in the marine sciences.