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(7) Train for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC): My dog was awarded status by the AKC and it happened purely on a whim. He never took a class to train for it, we didn’t practice the specific elements of the test previously, and only on prompting of family and friends did we decide to try it. The fee is $10 to test. Normally there are no distractions in the vicinity when the dog is being tested. However, since the testing occurred at a very busy pet expo, there were a lot of distractions. What better way to get a dog used to passersby, other pets, and noise than at a store like PetSmart?
Jul 5, 2010 - I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Petsmart Training Classes, and if they are good classes
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I'd suggest you go and watch a class for a while - get a feel for how the trainer works, how experienced he/she is, and also talk with them a bit before you sign up. At our Petsmart the trainers often talk to prospective customers who are deciding whether or not to enroll. Good Luck. We've been looking into a couple training classes for Kuma, and I'm wondering if anyone here has tried Petsmart classes and knows if they are any good.
Photo provided by FlickrJul 6, 2011 - I know both the trainers at the local petsmart
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Let me tell you a story... I was in petco one day purchasing some items, and when I was at the checkout I saw a flyer for "Dog Trainers" I inquired, as I teach dog classes at a privately owned dog training facility, and was wondering what their "qualifications" were. So they told me, Oh you dont need to know anything about dog training, we will show you how teach basic commands. I was shocked. I train my own dogs for competitive obedience, and my classes are very much based on my personal experience of my competing dogs. Lots of owners ask behavior questions, and these trainers at Petco and PetSmart more then likely are just people off the street that "like dogs". Im not saying all of them, but a good 95%. Even for people who dont want to compete with their dogs, I always recommend finding a trainer who does, and has titles on their dogs. At least that way you know they know what they are doing, and its proven by their titles. They would be the best (IMO) to be teaching classes. I would of course ask the Petco and PetSmart where they get their "Dog Trainers" and how they are trained. If they say they are trained through them, I wouldnt go there. Ive had MANY people come to my classes after going to those places. Good luck in your decision. Just remember, you get what you pay for!!!anywho...i think getting him into a basic obedience class would be good for him, he loves to learn and i think it would be a helpfull step in overcomming his NEED to tell every passer by how much he loves them by working around distractions...but the ONLY training classes even remotly close to me (both are over a 45 min one way trip) are petco and petsmart...i used to work for petco and know what kinf od "training" they give thier dog handlers...petsmart seems to get better reveiws (and i prefer that store due to clenlyness and comfort levels) butim still just not sure in terms of the training...Edited to add: As far as PetSmarts claim to their environment being ideal, yes it's good to practice in a noisy environment but it can be much harder to teach a dog something new. Also, training in a noisy indoor environment may not "cure" a dogs inability to work outdoors. The outdoors is not only different with distractions but also with the way the ground feels to the dog. Some dogs I've seen who were star pupils in the classroom would not perform nearly half as well on grass, but did a little better in walkways. The best way to get your pup to be better at obedience outside is to start practicing short sessions in a boring area, like a small part of the backyard. Keeping him on leash, start off with the basics as if you never taught him before. Sometimes it helps to keep frustration down by thinking of him as a beginner. Then over time you can work your way up to being able to train in environments that are more and more distracting.Why would any of you continue to work for Petsmart at all? Especially anyone being a CPDT-KA.
Good lord, I can see using petsmart to get the hours needed to take the exam and all, but after getting the certification, get the heck out of there and get a REAL job. There are plenty of places, Much, much, more reputable and moral, and ethical than PetDumb.
Surely if you are a CPDT, you know how the "Professionals" speak of petsmart? What kind of a hypocritical corporation preaches of teaching "positive" reinforcement, then has trainers praising "The Dog Whisperer" and Cesar Millan and all of his crap?
The "Other" trainer I worked with boasted of having met the little turd on a few occasions, and has an 8"x10" framed color photo of himself and that idiot standing together.
He is so dang proud of this. And when I have pointed out, and/or sent links to videos/articles showing clear evidence of this idiot, having absolutely NO behavior at all, and not even having graduated from high school, using very harmful, painful,often even torture techniques,and in one case, nearly killing one dog, on video, and veterinarians speaking on all the research which has proved these methods DO cause more behavior problems to occur rather than reduce them, he has gotten angry, and withdrawn,eventually ending up stabbing me right in the middle of the back.
This guy is a joke. The whole store is a joke. The company is a joke.
Oh, and the entire 'shock collar' thing? What the heck is that all about?
Why even bother having dog training classes? Just open up the glass doors wide, and let them grab. They don't care who they sell those things to and they don't even know anything about how or why they DON'T work, or the dangerous effects they can have and potential for abuse.
In the area I am from,I know there are tons of rednecks, trying to catch the dog,early friday morning,to get ready for a fun filled Saturday night on the porch with and buddies.