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he best auto fill dog water bowl is ideal for pets that love to drink fresh running water and are always thirsty, or otherwise forget to keep themselves hydrated. Automatic pet water bowls, also called dog water fountains, are very convenient for us pet owners as well, providing a solution for bowl tippers and households with large or multiple dogs. There are a lot of models to choose from and they all have their pros and cons, so let's take a closer look.
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Use an Arduino, MakerShield, and ethernet shield to build an automatic water dispensing system to fill up your pet's water bowl while you're away. The sensors connected to the circuit know when the bowl is low - and filled - with water, and it can even tweet when the reservoir runs out! This simple device automatically fills your pets water bowls. Ideal for when you planning a trip and worried your pets might run out of water.
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Photo provided by FlickrThe Hydro Pet is an auto-filling and self-maintaining pet water bowl
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Automatic Self Watering Indoor Outdoor Pet Fountain Fresh Water Dog or Cat Bowl in Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Dishes, Feeders & Fountains | eBayHere's an easy-to-make large self filling water tray using a water dispenser bottle that will keep your pet hydrated for days. Make this automatic dog watering bowl that holds 19 litres (that's 5 gallons US!) using an empty water dispenser bottle. This watering station can be used for multiple cats, dogs, and pets. This creates a long term constant water supply for your animals and pets due to the large volume of water the water dispenser bottle holds. Your pets will never go thirsty again. Keeps the water in the tray at a constant level. Fills the tray with additional water automatically when needed. No batteries or pumps or wiring. Easy to make, easy to fill and simple operation. Just fill the bottle, place it in the tote tray, and remove the cap, it's that simple. Your pets will love you!Are you forgetting to fill your dogs watering bowl? Make yourself an automatic dog bowl water dispenser that holds 2L (1/2 gallon US) of water by using a recycled soda bottle. This bottle water dispenser can be used for cats, dogs, and pets. Long term constant water supply for your dog due to the large amount of water the pop bottle water dispenser holds. Your dog will never go thirsty. Keeps the water in the bowl at a constant level. Fills the water dispenser bowl with additional water automatically when needed. Easy to make, easy to fill and simple operation. Just fill the bottle, push it in the water dispenser holder and remove the cap, it's that simple. Use 2L soda, pop or cola bottle from your recycle bin. Your dog will love you!




An automated system designed for use as an indoor or outdoor dog fountain. The PetSafe bowl automatically refills to a 1.5 gallon capacity when connected to a water hose. Packaged with a replaceable carbon filter this indoor/outdoor bowl also has a built in circulator to improve aeration and filter dirt and debris. The free flowing stream encourages dogs to drink more water.Just hook to your home's hose bib, sprinkler system, or drip system to automatically refresh throughout the day. Water refills via the bowls micro-jets while old water, biofilm and debris is extracted by our patented waterfall to nearby plants. Perfect for dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, pigs and other pets that spend time in the yard! Saves time and energy while keeping your pets and plants hydrated.