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Even if you’re providing your pet with H2O on a daily basis, an automatic cat or dog water bowl can help provide them with a consistently clean supply that’s refreshing, delicious and more likely to get lapped up. That’s because some pets prefer a flowing source over stagnant options due to their natural instincts. These automatic water bowls often provide a large reserve and replaceable filters that can ensure a source of hydration that’s excludes elements your pet can do without.
Automatic Pet Food Water Dispenser Dog Cat Feeder Bowl DishPlastic Dual-use Water/Food Feeder
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Use an Arduino, MakerShield, and ethernet shield to build an automatic water dispensing system to fill up your pet's water bowl while you're away. The sensors connected to the circuit know when the bowl is low - and filled - with water, and it can even tweet when the reservoir runs out! Automatic Pet Food Water Dispenser Dog Cat Feeder Bowl DishPlastic Dual-use Water/Food Feeder
Photo provided by FlickrPrice for the Outdoor Automatic Pet Water bowl is currently $49.99 with FREE Priority 2 day Shipping!
Photo provided by FlickrMaterial: Plastic Size: Approx. 23.5 x 25.4 x 15cm/ 9 x 10 x 6
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The Critter Cooler pet watering station provides your best friend(s) clean water for days from the FDA approved 3.5, 5.0 or 6.5 gallon container. Rolling on 3” locking wheels Critter Cooler fills from the top and automatically gravity feeds a 64oz front bowl. Easy to fill and easy to clean the Critter Cooler packs quick for travel and comes with a lifetime warranty. A favorite among dog rescues, breeders, daycares and kennels , Critter Coolers are now available to your canine condo or puppy palace.Just hook to your home's hose bib, sprinkler system, or drip system to automatically refresh throughout the day. Water refills via the bowls micro-jets while old water, biofilm and debris is extracted by our patented waterfall to nearby plants. Perfect for dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, pigs and other pets that spend time in the yard! Saves time and energy while keeping your pets and plants hydrated.The Hydro Pet is an outdoor hydration system that fills from your hose faucet. Takes just a minute to hook up and is easy to clean. Automatic timer can easily be put on your hose bib to your pet watering bowl so it is filled each day on a timer.

Inventor Ed Vacarro quickly explains how to connect the unit to your hose outlet, and to tie in the auto timer if you choose to use one (available as an accessory purchase at The Hydro Pet website).For more details, click here:
In this video I show you the Find Bergan Autowata Automatic Watering Bowl and more Pet Self Waterers at . Thank You!

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Are you forgetting to fill your dogs watering bowl? Make yourself an automatic dog bowl water dispenser that holds 2L (1/2 gallon US) of water by using a recycled soda bottle. This bottle water dispenser can be used for cats, dogs, and pets. Long term constant water supply for your dog due to the large amount of water the pop bottle water dispenser holds. Your dog will never go thirsty. Keeps the water in the bowl at a constant level. Fills the water dispenser bowl with additional water automatically when needed. Easy to make, easy to fill and simple operation. Just fill the bottle, push it in the water dispenser holder and remove the cap, it's that simple. Use 2L soda, pop or cola bottle from your recycle bin. Your dog will love you!




Veterinarians how if a pet does not have access to fresh water, they may choose to drink from your pool or other bacteria-contaminated sources. They will also go without drinking if the provided liquid doesn't entice them. That's why having an automatic water bowl for dogs will ensure your Fido has always access to liquids which are far more enticing to them.