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My partner and I took one of our cats to Banfield Hospital in Temple, Texas on June 2, 2013 at which time there were several tests including a urinalysis and an internal organ screening... Test results showed a bladder infection and some crystals in the urine at which time she gave our cat an antibiotic injection of CONVENIA as opposed to giving oral antibiotics. She also prescribed a canned food to balance out the pH and told us she should be better within 24 hours and yes, she was better as far as we could tell. But I then did some research on the injection and discovered that ALMOST EVERY SINGLE REVIEW was one horror story after another up to and including animal deaths from the injection.
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I have had 2 dogs enrolled with them since they were both 8 weeks old. Somehow Banfield allowed one of my dog's rabies shot to expire and not the other one. The dogs got out of the yard for the first time ever. While being chased by several people and cornered, the dog was scared and bit someone (very minor no stitches required). The dog got taken to the pound and quarantined for 10 days at the expense of $20 a day because of an expired rabies shot which Banfield does the scheduling for. They will not back their own mistake and claim it to be our fault for their error. I would not recommend this shoddy at best animal hospital to anyone who loves their pet. I have read no good reviews about them and will never take a pet to them again. They only care about billing you and not your pet. Don't be fooled like I was. Reviews you can trust on Banfield Pet Hospital from Angie's List members | 3077 Daniels ..
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Photo provided by FlickrTag banfield animal hospital reviews: Banfield Pet Hospital,Pet Smart,Poor care and the WORST customer service. Banfield Pet Hospital should be BANNED!
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Reviews submitted through "Contact Us" form will not get published on site or forwarded to Banfield Pet Hospital. However, many companies do monitor reviews on our site.If they ordered the Barium or a sonogram or an endoscopy on Monday, the blockage would have shown up and the only thing left to bill for would be an exploratory. I feel Banfield's corporate attitude is to make as much as possible from each case and to do that isn't in the pet's best interest. When I asked Banfield Oviedo why they didn't order Barium, they had no answer. Both Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital and Shaffer Animal hospital said that Barium is always done on the 1st day when a case like mine comes in. I have read of Banfield's online reviews and I'm not alone in my feelings of their care.I took my 11-year-old senior Chihuahua to a new vet Monday. Previously we had been patients at Banfield Pet Hospital. After doing some research on Banfield, I discovered that they were not trustworthy for many, many reasons, tons of complaints from customers, not to mention that they are owned by the same company that makes M&Ms and tests unnecessary products on animals. Aside from that, they were much more expensive, and the only reason I chose them was because they had a "wellness plan" that made my dog's dental work free (which they told me would cost $350 without a wellness plan, so I thought I was getting a deal... after talking to the local vet, I learned the normal price there was $150 for the same type of work). I am extremely grateful/thankful with North Figueroa Animal Hospital and Beach and their team but beyond disappointed with the way the whole ordeal was handle by your hospital and your team. My expectations were always that my two dogs would receive proper care, yet I almost lost my dog do to your unacceptable and neglected care. I am not asking for monetary compensation. Yet I am requesting any and all my obligation with your facility stop. I no longer want to participate in your program. I am requesting the definite termination of my care plan with your company. My other dog had a appointment for April 29, for his annual check which obviously after this unpleasant and expensive experience I will not take my dogs back never again. Unfortunately I just found out the reviews of your customers and I am really agree with the one who said, "I wish I could expose Banfield to the government, so other people do not get hurt, and their animals get proper care when needed." I could add there is always time to do that. With no more ado, I am soliciting a prompt response to my request.