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Here are just a few reasons why the bearded dragon is the lizard to have as a pet.
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You can also include real or artificial plants. Ponytail palms, snake plants, jade, and pothos, all seem to work well. Make sure they are free of chemicals because your beardie might eat them. Be prepared to replace them as the dragons can be hard on the plants. You do want a hiding spot for your beardie as they LOVE to hide. Half logs that are sold in pet stores work well (get a large one since they grow fast) and so do flower pots turned on their sides. Be creative. It can be a flat space.
The species of Bearded Dragon most likely to be encountered by the new pet enthusiast is the .
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Our captive bred bearded dragons for sale are all in immaculate shape. Their ornate patterns, spiked appearance, and entertaining personalities help make these one of the absolute most popular pet lizards on the planet. It's worth mentioning that they're also fairly easy to breed. If you buy a Bearded dragon, provide it with a diet of insects, vegetables, fruit, and an occasional thawed mouse. Each lizard includes a live arrival guarantee.

These feeder insects should be purchased from reputable pet stores. Never feed a bearded dragon !
Photo provided by FlickrLearn how long a bearded dragon can live if he/she is kept healthy as a pet.
Photo provided by FlickrLearn how easy it can be as well as the pro's of keeping a bearded dragon as a pet.
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Bearded Dragons are my favorite pet lizards. They are highly interactive and relatively easy to care for. In the wild they live in arid, rocky environments. A well cared for dragon will live for seven to 10 years. Taking the time to care for them properly can really pay off, as most diseases in dragons can be avoided by practicing good animal husbandry.Bearded Dragons are my favorite pet lizards. They are highly interactive and relatively easy to care for. In the wild they live in arid, rocky environments. Pet ownership is a wonderful thing. It teaches responsibility and commitment. It also provides us with years of companionship. Plus, it feels pretty great to keep an animal happy and healthy. Most people have dogs or cats, and that's fine. Furry, lovable and friendly, they've been our best friends for a long time. However, other animals, though less conventional, deserve our love too. As it turns out, snakes, lizards and frogs also make great companions! But there is something unique about the bearded dragonsomething more pet owners need to be made aware of. Here are six reasons why they make absolutely awesome pets.A reader asked for the low-down on bearded dragons as pets. Here’s what I know. Q: I’ve just acquired a bearded dragon. What should I know about taking care of him? A: Congratulations on your new reptile companion! Bearded dragons are popular because of their small size, quiet nature and variety of colors. They enjoy […]As far as reptiles go, bearded dragons are incredibly friendly. They don't mind being held, and they will even sit on your lap long enough to watch a movie with you. Their relatively docile natures make them great pets for first-time reptile owners and children. Still, it is important to keep in mind that newly purchased bearded dragons, as well as bearded dragons that have been "rescued" from abusive owners, can be skittish and agitated. If this is the case, it is easy enough to tame them by offering them food out of your hand, and petting them while they remain safe inside their tanks. With a bit of patience, they will come around!Take a few weeks, or even a few months, to read and absorb as much information on them as possible. Checkout some from your local library, or purchase them from a book store. Your local pet store will probably stock an assortment of great books on bearded dragons.