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An intro to bearded dragons for those who may be considering keeping one as a pet. Enjoy!
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They generally do well on their own or when kept in groups and may even show owner recognition, especially when approached with a tasty treat. As with other pets, it’s important to evaluate the bearded dragons before selecting which one to bring home. Having a healthy, happy pet starts with the best-fit selection, after all.
Learn how much it will cost for you to keep a bearded dragon as a pet.
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Have you ever wanted a class pet that your kids could actually PLAY with? Have you wished for a class pet that is sturdy enough to be handled by little kids without much fear of injury? How about a pet that would not cause an allergic reaction? Have you wished for a pet that would be active during the day, and that the kids would not lose interest in? Then a bearded dragon lizard is a great choice for you! Sound intriguing? Read on! For Brandon Cabrera, his beloved bearded dragon, Kenny, is more than just a pet.
Photo provided by FlickrA reader asked for the low-down on bearded dragons as pets. Here’s what I know.
Photo provided by FlickrIf you want a friendly reptilian pet who’s easy to care for, your choice is an easy one: You want a bearded dragon.
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Bearded Dragons are my favorite pet lizards. They are highly interactive and relatively easy to care for. In the wild they live in arid, rocky environments. A well cared for dragon will live for seven to 10 years. Taking the time to care for them properly can really pay off, as most diseases in dragons can be avoided by practicing good animal husbandry.Pet ownership is a wonderful thing. It teaches responsibility and commitment. It also provides us with years of companionship. Plus, it feels pretty great to keep an animal happy and healthy. Most people have dogs or cats, and that's fine. Furry, lovable and friendly, they've been our best friends for a long time. However, other animals, though less conventional, deserve our love too. As it turns out, snakes, lizards and frogs also make great companions! But there is something unique about the bearded dragonsomething more pet owners need to be made aware of. Here are six reasons why they make absolutely awesome pets.Bearded Dragons are my favorite pet lizards. They are highly interactive and relatively easy to care for. In the wild they live in arid, rocky environments. If you are considering buying a bearded dragon there are a few things to think about before you make that leap at the pet store. Owning a bearded dragon is a serious commitment and not to be taken lightly.As far as reptiles go, bearded dragons are incredibly friendly. They don't mind being held, and they will even sit on your lap long enough to watch a movie with you. Their relatively docile natures make them great pets for first-time reptile owners and children. Still, it is important to keep in mind that newly purchased bearded dragons, as well as bearded dragons that have been "rescued" from abusive owners, can be skittish and agitated. If this is the case, it is easy enough to tame them by offering them food out of your hand, and petting them while they remain safe inside their tanks. With a bit of patience, they will come around!Time is another factor to consider before buying a bearded dragon. You need to devote some time to any pet you get, and owning a bearded dragon is no different. You will need to take time to maintain the habitat, to feed your pet, give it baths, take it for walks, or just to pet and handle it.