Pet-O-Beds are Made in the USA and are not sold in most stores.

Before letting a pet into your bed, Krahn suggested a few things to consider.
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The size of the bed and the number of pets also play into whether the animals are likely to disrupt a . And of course, before dogs or cats climb up on the covers, it's important to make sure the animals are clean and free of fleas.
Elevated pet bed helps keep animals comfortable by keeping them off the cold hard ground
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With rivets or screws loose and/or completely removed, carefully separate the top and bottom suitcase pieces from one another. TIP: Consider keeping the suitcase top to create an additional pet bed. If your pet urinates on a K&H heated bed or pad, he/she will not suffer any harm.
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Photo provided by FlickrWhat kind of bed do you have for your pet? Tell us about it in the comments!
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Pets have an instinctive drive to sleep in a safe, secure and comfortable bed. Zen Den’s® design, unlike any other bed, satisfies that instinct.Pet beds come in different styles, shapes and are made of various materials. Zen Den® pet beds are beautiful and complementary to your home. No longer will you have to hide your pet's bed when you have company.A soft-sculpture frame provides comfort and support to your pet, while the attached blanket can be moved to your pet’s desire. No more adding blankets or towels to your pet’s bed! And that’s important, because even if you share your bed with your dog, there will be times when you don’t want to. If your pet has a great bed of his own, banishment won’t be so bad for either of you. A meeting of the minds or perhaps a special Zen moment? It all started when Judy Coulter, a fashion designer, her husband Curtis Coulter, who earned a degree in Zoology and Rosie, an 18 year-old Cocker Spaniel came together. Rosie had an insatiable desire to create a comfortable bed. Rosie's digging destroyed many beds, so Judy got to work designing a pet bed for Rosie that would provide her with a sense of security and comfort. IT WORKED! Rosie stopped tearing up her beds. Judy wasn’t sure why it worked. Curtis explained instinctive denning behavior and how the unique design fulfilled Rosie's natural denning instinct. The Zen Den® bed, an instinct based pet bed was born! To control odors, dirt and fleas, you absolutely must be able to wash your pet’s bed, or at least its cover, regularly (weekly or twice a month is probably ideal). Many beds for smaller dogs can go right in today’s front-load washers, which have no center agitator to get in the way. Beds for larger dogs — and certainly for giant dogs — may not fit in home machines, and the trouble and cost of using commercial ones at your neighborhood laundromat mean less-frequent washing — or no washing at all.While many cats and dogs associate travel with negative experiences such as a trip to the vet or kennel, Sleepypod reduces stress by allowing a pet to travel safely in the comfort and familiarity of his or her own bed.“The Mobile Pet Bed can be used in the car, on the ground and even to tote your pal around town. It won a design award alongside the iPhone and the smart car, so it has a pretty good pedigree.”
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