What's the best pet food for a black lab puppy

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Diamond’s quality controls were absolutely appalling before their recalls. Since then, they have tightened up their controls (they had to) and made other changes to their manufacturing process. You will not find me claiming that their food is the best available. However, it is the cheapest with good ingredients. Based on ingredients alone, they rank with foods that cost twice as much. Now, this other savings has to come from somewhere. It likely comes from open source competition per lot and other compromises, but also comes from less advertising dollars. That is by far the largest expense for any company (not R&D, unfortunately). We feed a food brand that we trust more (Earthborn is the main one in our rotation, but we tend to try a lot of different foods for variety), but the breeder of our puppies has fed Diamond to her dogs for over 20 years and loves it. She has one of the top 2 dogs in the country of her breed (may be #1 now since the Championships, I’m not positive) and owned the dog with the most BIS wins of any in our breed history here in the States. Those specimens ate nothing but Diamond, and their structure and coat/teeth quality is unimpeachable.
It's not easy finding the best dog food for puppies or even grown dogs. PetMD details what's important when feeding your furry friends.
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Many puppy and dog owners report that the health of their pets improved noticeably after switching to this brand. For these reasons, we highly recommend Wellness CORE as the best puppy food for large breeds. We just brought home a darling black lab. She is about eight weeks old. How do I know what pet food to buy for her? What's the best kind for black lab puppies?
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It’s no secret that puppies have special needs in terms of food. They need lots of vitamins and minerals, but have delicate stomachs that also require easy-to-digest options. If you have been to a pet store or if you have done online searches, then you know the wide variety of different foods out there. It can be confusing to find the right ones. Here is a list of the top 10 best puppy foods for 2017.Dogs that are overweight or obese are prone to many health problems, including heart disease, and tend to have shorter life spans. They’re also more likely to develop hip dysplasia and other bone-related illnesses. By choosing the best dog food for large breed puppies, we can greatly reduce the risk of our beloved pets developing DOD.We all love our dogs and consider them to be part of the family. If you’re the owner of a large puppy, one of the most important things for you to consider is what kind of food to buy for your pet. The best large breed puppy food can make a big difference when it comes to your puppy’s and well being.Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of brands and types of dog foods to choose from, which can make it doubly hard for a pet owner to know which is best. While it is all but impossible to create a comparison of each pet food brand out there, there are a few fundamentals that you can use as a guide for choosing the right food for your puppy. We’ve looked at some of the reasons that it’s so important to choose a quality brand of large breed puppy food. We all want the best for our pets. By feeding them the best possible diet, we allow them to live longer, happier lives. In summary, here’s what we should consider when selecting a brand of dry puppy food:I will be getting a hairless Chinese Crested puppy in a couple of weeks, I want to give her the best food (brand and wet / dry / or combo) considering the skin and teeth issues common to this breed. I have access to a petco but am willing to order online in order to get her the best, realistically I do not want to have to shop for fresh ingredients and cook.