Red tail boas are not the best first pet snake.

Learn what kinds of snakes make the best pets for beginners in this Howcast video about pet snakes.
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We hope you learned something from our list of the best pet snakes for beginners. Backwater Reptiles would absolutely recommend any of these species to a first-time snake owner.
There are a number of reasons why I think this is one of the best pet snakes.
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There are multiple subspecies of common kingsnakes (California, Mexican Black, Desert, Speckled, Brooks etc. etc.) and many different morphs of each. Common Kings attain a manageable size, are hardy, and eat well. They are extremely common in the pet trade as well, and most of those available are captive bred. All things considered, this is one of the best starter snakes on the market. the top 5 best pet snakes#5 garter snake#4 king snake#3 milk snake#2 corn snake#1 ball python
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Snakes can make amazing pets; they are fascinating creatures and relatively low maintenance. However, having a pet snake isn’t the right choice for everyone. There is some uniqueness to each type of snake, so making sure you choose the best pet snake for you is very important. When considering a pet snake, you should consider the following things first. Snakes are very great pets; they don't need to be feed very often, they are very clean, they are odorless, and many don't need much attention. They are very rather fond of their owners, and the same way that you might be if you have bonded to another pet. This causes the question to arise: "Do I have what it takes to own a snake? What snake is best for me?"Snakes to Avoid: As beautiful as they may be, large constricting snakes or venomous snakes do not make ideal pets. Your best bet when choosing a pet snake is to get one that has been bred in captivity. In addition to constricting and venomous snakes, wild snakes also don’t make good pets. Since they have been roaming freely they may have contracted parasites or disease which you don’t want to bring into your home.The Best Pet Snake, A Ball Python. Ball Pythons are an easy snake to keep as a pet. Most are non aggressive and make an excellent snake for a first time snake keeper. What snake IS best for you? It is a good question to ask, and I think I have the answer. I have listed snakes that are popular pets, both dangerous or not. These answers are coming from the experts, and they will be asking the questions. Take this quiz, and help to learn what type of snake is best for you.Ask ten different snake keepers what the best types of pet snakes are, and you'll get ten different lists. That's because everyone has their own opinions and experiences. Regardless, I am willing to be the four snakes listed below come up on most of those lists!So, you've decided to get a pet snake and now you're wondering which to get. If so, I promise you will find this article helpful. I've listed below four of the best snakes to keep as pets based on my 25 years of snake keeping experience.This snake shows up on a lot of people's lists of best pet snakes, and with good reason. meet all of the criteria I've outlined above: (A) they rarely grow to over six feet long, averaging just over five feet; (B) they have good temperaments and can easily be tamed when handled once a week or so; (C) they will generally accept frozen / thawed mice or rats on a consistent basis; and (D) they will generally live long, healthy lives if their basic needs are met.