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I’ve really been thinking about getting a pet snake. I know it’s going to be a while, because I already have a relatively young, small pet that I am caring for and I am not allowed to have two pets like such at the same time. But I was debating between a Ball Python and a Corn Snake. I’ve never had a pet snake before, and used to be scared of them, before getting over that fear just recently. I’m afraid I might still be a little skittish around my soon-to-be snake pet, though. Which type do you think would be best for a beginner like me, and do you have any tips on how to take care of it?
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Despite their small stature, hermit crabs require more exact care compared to other larger pets so they may be best suited for older children. Hermit crabs typically molt, or shed their skin, once or twice a year by burying themselves in their sand. The process can take between four and eight weeks. And as hermit crabs grow, they need to transition to . The crabs prefer to choose the right shell, so they must be provided with an assortment of appropriate shells. Once weekly, hermit crabs should be bathed with fresh, de-chlorinated water then allowed to dry before returning to the habitat. Start Small: What's the Best First Pet for Your Child? - Petco Community
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From tiny hedgehogs in a magician hat, hamster munching on food, to a tiny monkey eating blueberries, these are just a few of the small pets you'll find in this small pet videos compilation.

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These are just a few examples of small dog breeds that may not do too well with small children either because of temperament or size. Many breeders will refuse to place puppies of small breeds in families with small children. However, in general, no dog does well with a small child who treats the dog as a toy. For this reason, it is best to wait a bit to get a dog as the child matures and learns how to treat dogs kindly. In the meanwhile, a "Furreal" pet may be a great, safer alternative!But maybe you aren’t up to the challenge and responsibility involved in owning a . If that’s the case, don’t overlook the benefits of small pets! From and rabbits to ferrets and , these guidelines can help you choose the best small pet based on personality and the level of care needed to safeguard its .This is a wonderful pet parrot, native to Australia. It is a smaller parrot, so is often referred to as the general term “parakeet” by Americans. The budgerigar, or budgie, makes a great pet for older children. A younger child may accidentally injure the bird if he or she is not gentle. The budgie’s cage can fit in the kid’s bedroom. It can be a great best friend if the child takes the time to tame it and interact with it. Its volume level is low, although it can chatter quite a bit, and some even talk. It will need veterinary care, so don’t adopt one if you are unwilling to take it to the vet. It needs daily food, water and cage changing. It needs some fresh vegetables intertwined around its cage bars. Toys are a must. It will need daily one-on-one time and should have a play gym to spend out-of-cage time on. If the child is not willing to tame the budgie and spend a lot of time with it, then I would stick with a finch or canary. An untamed budgie is not fun for the child or the budgie. The budgie can live up to 15 years, so you need to plan on taking care of the budgie if the child goes to college.