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The J. M. Smucker Company Completes Acquisition of Big Heart Pet Brands
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"Ohio is competing with Pennsylvania, Kansas, and California for the proposed project, [states] where Big Heart Pet Brands already has operations," the Ohio Tax Credit Authority said in a written statement.
Big Heart Pet Brands Company Profile
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The company that it would buy Big Heart Pet Brands, the pet food company once known as Del Monte, from its owners for about $5.8 billion, including debt, in a bid to expand into a fast-growing $21 billion business. Experience Big Heart Pet Brands
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At Big Heart Pet Brands, we are committed to pets and the people who love them. We listen and welcome your feedback! Use the form below to share your questions or comments with us.At Big Heart Pet Brands, we recognize that the value of our work must be measured well beyond the borders of our operations. The long-term success of our company is intrinsically tied to the quality of our products, our relationships with the communities in which we live and work, and the planetary resources that we depend on.In accordance with Big Heart Pet Brands'® Internet Privacy Policy, your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and we will only use it to send you material that we are unable to send in digital form.Pets make the world a better place. In turn, they make us at Big Heart Pet Brands passionate about providing safe, healthy, and high-quality food and treats. From the beginning of our supply chain to the end of our processes and operations, we seek the purest ingredients from trusted suppliers. We maintain and monitor our high standards through internal and third-party audits.Consistently delivering on Big Heart Pet Brands values demands the concerted involvement of management at the executive and board level. To this end, our corporate responsibility team draws members from every department—from research and development to marketing and sales—and reports directly to the CEO and CFO. We set high standards for ourselves, and we take these standards seriously at all levels of the company.(Reuters) - J M Smucker, the maker of Folgers coffee, said it would buy pet food maker Big Heart Pet Brands, known for brands such as Meow Mix and Milk-Bone, for $3.2 billion to enter the pet food market.Big Heart Pet Brands also invests in research and development to continuously improve our product offerings, both from a quality and a safety perspective. We believe that the science and research behind food safety is not proprietary. Accordingly, we proactively share best practices so that others in our industry and supply chain can uphold the same rigorous standards of performance.Big Heart Pet Brands sourcing managers conduct multiple visits to contract manufacturer facilities prior to beginning a relationship with a contract manufacturer.