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Creating the right environment for your reptile tank or enclosure is vital to maintaining their health and wellness. Most species prefer to be left within their glass reptile terrariums or other types of housing, it is vital that their cages and habitats are spacious enough for them to fully stretch out and climb, swim, or slither. It’s also important to remember that, as some herps continue to grow, so will their reptile terrarium space requirements. Larger species, such as ball pythons and bearded dragons, only require a 10-20 gallon reptile tank when they are hatchlings, but will need larger homes as the get older and bigger; other, smaller lizards, like anole and geckos, will only need one size tank. Reptile enclosures must also be equipped with the heat and humidity set-ups that suit your pet’s preferences. While a basking area is needed to increase their body temperature for ensuring proper digestion, reptile cages must also provide them with a shady area to cool off. Because of this, it is vital that hopeful pet parents research their desired reptile’s cage preferences and living habits before they make the leap into habitat creation.
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In addition to creating a habitat for your reptiles, we also provide the products you need for feeding your pets. You’ll find all kinds of nutritious food products available on our site, including live feeder insects. In addition, we carry a wide assortment of medications and supplements to keep your reptiles happy and healthy. Make Big Al’s Pets your go-to resource for all your reptile needs to enjoy fast, affordable, and convenient service. Find the best products and supplies for your beloved reptiles by browsing our selection at Big Al's Pets.
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There are many different reptiles available as pets with different requirements. Most of the reptile habitats answer well to these requirements through their versatility and easy adaptability. First of all make sure that the reptile tank is big enough for your pet reptile. You might spend some more money considering that your little reptile pet will grow and eventually outgrow its habitat. A smaller reptile tank on the other side is easier to move and clean.Small in size but big in expertise, Best in Pets has it all. If you are looking for a new reptile or for supplies, Best in Pets will most likely have what you are looking for. Best in Pets collects reptiles from all around the world and gets them from only the top breeders and collectors. If you already know what it is that your reptile needs, this store even offers online shopping for some of their pet supplies.Generally said the smaller tanks are best for smaller reptiles such as lizards, turtles or geckos, and bigger tanks are perfect for snakes and iguanas. The advantage of getting a bigger reptile tank in the first place is that you can place more decoration in it and provide more room for your pet’s daily moves.Water Monitors are huge! They are one of the biggest species you can own. They can reach lengths of 7-8ft and weigh a 60-70lbs. While they are massive monitors, they are surprisingly good candidates as pets for those that have the space and have done copious amounts of research. They have amazing intelligence, inquisitive and quite interactive with their owners. Water monitors tame down quite well, and can be surprisingly docile and gentle for such a large reptile. If you have the space, money (for care, enclosures, feeding) and the time, consider this species.