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Never hire expensive carpet cleaning services again with the Bissell Power Steamer
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When it comes to carpet steam cleaning, the BISSELL Power Steamer carpet steamer ranks highly as one of the best rated models available. The BISSELL Power Steamer uses specially formulated carpet cleaning formula and powerful rotating brushes to remove more dirt than comparable models from other brands or any vacuum cleaner.
Find bissell carpet cleaners steam at Target.
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Want cleaner carpets today? Head to your local Lowe's to rent a carpet cleaner at our convenient rental area at the front of the store. We also have BISSELL® carpet cleaning solution available for purchase. A store associate will be happy to help you locate the carpet cleaning machine or steam cleaner you need. We'll even help you load it into your car. bissell steam carpet cleaner : Target
Photo provided by FlickrFind bissell steam carpet cleaner at Target.
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We spoke with a number of professional cleaners, furniture experts, and appliance specialists, and they all convinced us it is better to hire a pro to deep clean upholstery and rugs. That said, we found that the Bissell SpotClean Pro pulled up small stains and blemishes surprisingly well. It’s a hot-water extraction machine, which uses hot tap water, a cleaning formula, and suction to pull up stains. It performed much better in our tests than the steam cleaners, which are the other type of machine sold as spot cleaners. We think the SpotClean Pro is a great tool if you have kids or pets that regularly puke, pee, or make other small messes on your stuff, or if you need to regularly clean other types of stains on your carpet, furniture, or car interior.While the Bissell Pro-Heat Steam Cleaner looks like a normal vacuum cleaner, it is not anything like a vacuum cleaner and it cannot be used to sweep your carpet!Extraction machines, like our two favorite cleaners from Bissell, rely on hot tap water, cleaning formula, and suction to lift stains. There’s usually no heating element or pressure mechanism involved. The machine sprays hot water-formula solution onto the stain, and the action of the scrubbing tool lifts the stain. The vacuum sucks up the loosened soil and liquid and deposits them in a separate “dirty tank.” These machines are designed for use on carpet and upholstery only. Because they don’t use scalding-hot water, you won’t risk burning yourself as you might with a steam cleaner.The Rug Doctor, which offers machines for both home and commercial use, is probably the best-known brand of rental carpet cleaner, but Bissell carpet cleaner rentals are nipping closely at its heels. Both Rug Doctor and Bissell carpet steam cleaner rentals are available at thousands of outlets nationwide, including a number of supermarkets and hardware stores. A store locator on each company's website can help customers find a rental in their area. Caring for steam cleaners and hot water extraction machines really depends on the unit in question. Mineral buildup is always a concern when you repeatedly add tap water to a plastic receptacle. You can avoid this risk by using distilled water, but this workaround is by no means necessary. Bissell points out that you may need to occasionally clean the suction gate, which can be accomplished by removing the dirty water tank and unscrewing the suction gate door. Wipe it clean and rinse it with cold water, then screw it back in place.The brushes make all the difference when cleaning carpet. If you’re not beating the carpet while you’re cleaning, you are leaving ground-in dirt behind. BISSELL Power Steamers have powerful rotating brushes in an efficient wavy formation with five cleaning rows of stiff bristles that penetrate deep into your carpet to loosen dirt and remove stains that are then suctioned away.