Bottle Pets bottle covers turn feeding time into cuddle time.

Bottle Pets are plush baby bottle covers that help babies learn to hold their bottle.
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Baby's First Pet! Put the fun into bottle feeding with Bottle Pets, the stuffed animal baby bottle covers that are changing how babies use bottles.
Bottle Pets are plush baby bottle covers that help babies learn to hold their bottle.
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Just because your baby is still a baby, doesn’t mean you can’t make things fun like you might for your toddler. The Bottle Pets baby bottle cover is fun and practical. When my chubby Charlie {I say that fondly} sees his bottle coming he practically oinks with joy. He loves his bottle pet. He stares and smiles at his little friend through his whole meal. It has also helped him hold his own bottle. I love to cuddle and feed him for almost all his feedings, but there are those times when dinner guests are on their way, food is burning on the stove, and I just can’t give Charlie his bottle at that moment. The bottle pet cover helps him hold his own bottle so he can sit in his bouncer seat and eat. It makes us all happy when his hungry cries cease. How to use the Bottle Pets Video (not my video):
Photo provided by FlickrAll Bottle Pets are machine washable and you can either tumble or air dry.
Photo provided by FlickrBottle Pets make mealtimes fun and convenient. They also make lasting, snuggable companions:
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You can't always stick around to keep your pet's water bowl full, but you can build a clever contraption that'll do the job for you. You just need a two-liter bottle, some wood, and a few minor tools.have you heard of bottle pets? stuffed animal bottle holders! they were created by two moms who wanted to make feeding a little more fun, and this cute concept was born. bottle pets come in six adorable and soft designs. not only do they make drinking a bottle more fun, but also help babies hold their bottles by giving them something soft plush to hold on to! when given the chance to review one, i decided to try out charlie the dinosaur. he seemed to be the best fit in our home.Bottle Pets are stuffed animals that double as baby bottle covers, keeping feeding time or anytime soft and entertaining. These plush friends insulate baby’s bottle, keeping cool beverages cool and warm beverages warm. Additionally, Bottle Pets’ cushy ears, arms, legs and more make bottles easier for babies to grasp. charlie the dinosaur is bigger and fluffier than i thought. maybe because I’m so used to seeing our little 5 ounce bottles i store milk in, but i had forgotten some bottles could be so long! the fact our bottles aren’t the standard bottles also worried me a little until i saw for myself if they would really fit. bottle pets claim to fit all bottles, but we use the short fat tommee tippee bottles. i un-velcroed the slot in the dinos undercarriage, and stuffed the bottle in. it was a little snug around the nipple so we did get the occasional drip, but all in all it fit just fine! i was pleasantly surprised.Aqua Dog is an As Seen on TV water bottle for pets. Here's how it worked for me and my four pets.

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Bottle Pets are machine-washable baby bottle covers. Shaped like stuffed animals, these plush toys are practical and fun. They work to help insulate the baby bottle and encourage early hand-eye coordination skills. Babies will find it easier to hold their own bottle by grasping their Bottle Pet. Bottle Pets meet or exceed all statutory safety guidelines and have undergone rigorous safety tests.