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Diet control is pretty simple for a parakeet. I usually get the gourmet selections at the pet store, since you want just more then the generic millet cheap stuff. Fresh water everyday is important since the water dish can get really gross and slimy pretty quickly. Pay attention to the seed shells that will accumulate on top of the food after your budgie is done eating. If you want to help and get rid of these for her, you can blow on the top of the dish to remove them, but watch out, they will go all over the place and or your eyes! The top secret trick i found to get rid of the shells is a damp paper towel. Just dab it on the food and only the shells will stick. No one else teaches this! So try it out. One last thing – you should give your beloved budgie one veggie a day. My parakeets love broccoli. Just a little a day is fine. Budgie LOVE junk food, but it will shorten their life span (and yours for that matter) significantly. So if you do eat junk food, don’t share it with your budgie.
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Other options: ask your local (and hopefully trusted) avian vet for a recommendation for an ethical pet shop with healthy animals. Check local shelters. Look on Facebook for budgie/parrot groups in your vicinity. (Also check word of mouth for the pet store you're considering. Brokenhearted people often will make their experiences known.) Look online for resources that list breeders for your country. How to Turn A Wild, Screaming, Unruly Budgie Into A Loving, Friendly, Trick-Trained Pet
Photo provided by FlickrHow to Turn A Wild, Screaming, Unruly Budgie Into A Loving, Friendly, Trick-Trained Pet
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Budgies are actually small parrots, which most people mistake as parakeets. These birds are talking pets as they can be tamed and taught how to utter certain words. Their origin is Australia and their real names are Budgerigar, or just Budgie for short.To hand-tame a budgie, it’s important that they are hand-fed as chicks. That will make it easier for the owner to teach them how to land on your fingers or shoulders later on. It’s also important that you own just one budgie at a time. It becomes easier for you to tame them your pets this way, as they be more inclined to youAs pets, budgies are simply great. They are active and playful birds with a very high intelligence level. They can learn more than a hundred words and can be finger-tamed. Tame and train a budgie in the right way and you’ll almost feel it’s human.Lastly, make sure that its cage is always clean. You also have to put perches and toys inside it so your pet can enjoy the rest of the day playing. It’s important that budgies don’t get bored. Furthermore, make sure that there are no chemicals or other hazards anywhere near its cage.An appropriate means that you have to give them proper nourishment, proper exercise, adequate social interaction, maintenance, and daily care. Budgies are not birds made to be left alone. These pets need your attention most of the time.Because budgies are so abundant and easily bred in captivity they are found in almost all pet shops. For this reason, they are reasonably priced and are often the first bird purchased before an owner chooses to acquire a larger bird. Owning these tiny parrots has a great deal of benefits compared to their lager cousins such as they are not as loud, not as messy, and come in hundreds of colors. Finding the right color is not difficult and new mutations are constantly being bred and introduced into the pet industry.