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A&C Carpet Cleaning offers the following Pet Stain & Urine Odor Removal services:
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Every spot is different, so our expert technicians will determine the best way to remove spots from your carpet. Our service includes treating most, but if for some reason your carpet has a spot that requires extra attention our technicians will let you know what the cost will be and let you decide what to do. While most spots will come out in our normal cleaning process, you may have a spot that needs extra attention or may even be a permanent stain. Our experts are trained to remove many different types of spots and will make sure we do everything we can to remove spots in your carpet. We also have Pet Treatment available for urine stains and odor removal.
We extract the water after cleaning, to remove the bulk of the urine crystals from your carpet.
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I just had my area rug professionally cleaned front and back plus they said sanitized because I had areas I could see from the back that had pee spots from the dogs I was sheltering. I put my nose to the carpet a day later and could still smell the urine! I looked for a recipe and found this. I did not go to the vinegar right away but I will for the next time. I am buying back up supplies today in bulk because I will treat the entire rug the same if it happens again. I used the hydrogen peroxide 3% with dish soap and a brush and the baking soda. Immediately I could see the baking soda lifting the urine up. I let it dry over night with box fans and ceiling fan going. I have a kurby and it did an okay job vacuuming up the mess but used my hand held to vacuum the kurby so I could get it outside to shake out the vacuum. I will have to take the vacuum apart to clean up the baking soda. It is well worth it. I put my nose to the carpet spot today and it is free of urine smell! Give this recipe a try. I will use it again for sure! Human accidents happen also. Green Steam Carpet Cleaners provides the same process for non animal vomit, urine and feces.
Photo provided by FlickrIn some cases our normal carpet cleaning process plus a topical urine treatment may be all that is needed.
Photo provided by FlickrIn no other aspect of carpet cleaning is the inspection process so important than it is with identifying pet urine odors and stains.
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There are two key components to treating pet urine – eliminating the odor and removing the stain often caused by urine.

Using a special product designed for pet urine, the affected area is thoroughly saturated and the water extracted using a tool called the water claw. The area is repeatedly rinsed to flush the urine residue from the carpet fiber, backing and padding below. Next hydrocide is applied to treat and disinfect the area. Hydrocide works by producing enzymes to cut through and digest extreme odors. This step binds and neutralizes the odor on a permanent basis.

Once the odor is treated and removed, any remaining stain is tackled. A specialized urine stain remover is applied and the carpet is cleaned using standard hot steam extraction. In some cases our normal carpet cleaning process may be all that is needed. In more severe cases, the urine sometimes soaks through the carpet backing into the padding and floor beneath. In this case, the problem has become "multi-layered" and effective remediation must address each layer of the problem. We have a specialized method to remove these difficult pet odors and stains.For moderate pet odors, we’ll use a special tool called a water claw. First, we’ll flood the area with a deodorizer to treat the carpet backing and padding. This will help deodorize deep into the carpet backing where normal carpet cleaning doesn’t normally reach. Then we’ll use the water claw tool to pull the urine out of the carpet padding. This almost always works wonders on pet urine problems and we can do it for you rather economically.In some cases our standard Zerorez carpet cleaning process may be all that is needed. In more severe cases, when the urine soaks through the carpet backing into the padding, we have a specialized method to remove these difficult pet odors and stains through a pad extraction procedure.