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[…] and am constantly doing whatever I can to keep that from being true. Previously, I shared my Homemade Fabric Refresher Spray Recipe with you, and today I want to share how to make your own deodorizing carpet powder sprinkle with […]
Product Name: Dry Foam Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer Spray - 12 Cans/Case
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SCENT APPEAL water soluble deodorant has been developed to attack odors at the source and eliminate them. Scent Appeal Liquid may be added to mop water, carpet extraction machines, and paint to deodorize while cleaning and is ready-to-use with a trigger sprayer, or may be diluted with water. Available in Bamboo, Lavender and Plumeria.
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more !If you are trying to deal with the smell of pet urine or smoke that has been accumulating in your carpet for years, baking soda is the best answer.Baking soda absorbs excess moisture and it can also “trapunpleasant smells. Sprinkle generous amounts of it on an old carpet and make sure that the soda gets into the fibers. Let it act overnight. Vacuum clean your carpet to get rid of all baking soda. You can repeat the procedure a second time, if the carpet continues having a strange or unpleasant smell.A modified version of this cleaning method involves the use of . Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the baking soda. Mix well and perform the cleaning procedure already mentioned. You will be getting rid of a bad smell and you will be giving your carpet a really pleasant scent.You can easily make your own carpet deodorizer by relying on the power of baking soda.The ingredients that you will need to make the deodorizer include half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of borax and one teaspoon of ground spices. Cinnamon is a great option to try in this recipe. Mix these ingredients well and store in a dry, well-ventilated place. Sprinkle the mix on a carpet that smells bad and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Vacuum clean and you should be left solely with the enticing scent of the ground spices.This deodorizer is especially suitable for getting rid of from carpets. A final suggestion is to refrain from using cinnamon on light-colored carpets. Essential oils can be added to the mix to prevent the staining of the fabric.Vinegar is another great possibility for deodorizing. You may be worried about the smell of vinegar but once the liquid dries completely, it becomes odorless. In the process, vinegar will absorb unpleasant smells. This is why it often gets used for old fridges, to neutralize cat litter box odor, for general house deodorizing and for carpets.White vinegar is the best variety. Pour vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the liquid evenly on the carpet. Let the vinegar dry completely and if necessary, repeat the procedure once again.I have the best carpet deodorizer and DIY air freshener tip for you. This is so easy to do and inexpensive and it is totally nontoxic and green cleaning. So you don’t need to buy tons of sprays and plug ins and such in order to get your home smelling fantastic!A is an excellent options for cleaning your carpets and getting rid of bad odor. Vodka kills bacteria and it can be used as a natural stain remover.Vodka is great for pet urine and other stubborn smells. Do spot cleaning of the stain and spray a bit of vodka on top. Allow it to act for 10 to 15 minutes and use paper towels to absorb excess moisture. You can sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top to absorb all of the remaining moisture. Vacuum clean the carpet and you are done.Doing a little bit of preventive cleaning is always easier than trying to get rid of stubborn odors. is the first and the most important rule, especially if you have a person smoking inside the house. Good ventilation will help you get rid of bad smells, instead of making them get trapped in fabrics. that can result in mildew or mold. Too much moisture inside the home will give the carpets bad smell quite quickly. There are dehumidifiers you can buy and use to create the perfect living environment.Keep your floors clean. Vacuum clean the carpets on a regular basis. Address stains immediately to get them out of the fiber quickly and to prevent the accumulation of dirt and residue inside the carpet fabric. Using a carpet cleaning and deodorizing product in a regular basis will maintain your home’s freshness and cleanness.Learning how to deodorize carpet is far from complicated. You have many cleaning products that you can choose among and you can easily make a deodorizer at home. The sooner you act, the easier it will be to get rid of offensive smells. Keep in mind that if you want to get rid of more than just the bad smell, and get a fresher indoor climate you need to clean it regularly with a good carpet cleaning machine.You can deodorize furniture in the same way as mentioned just above for carpets. After testing a small inconspicuous area, spray all areas evenly and let dry. Repeat as necessary.