Pet Gear Full Length Carpeted Tri-Fold Pet Pet Ramp

New to our product line is an all carpeted version of our incredibly durable dog ramps.
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This extra wide and super sturdy ramp is great for big dogs and small dogs alike. It measures almost 20 inches across and can hold up to 200 pounds. It also features a handy tri-fold design which makes it easy to store compactly and bring with you anywhere you need to go. It also features a non-slip carpeted surface making it safe and simple for dogs to climb.
The Pet Gear Carpeted Tri-Fold Pet Ramp allows your dog easy access into your vehicle or other hard to reach places.
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With a size of 25"x 16" x 70" and a ramp length of 70", this pet ramp for beds is made of wood and has a carpeted walking surface. It could fit alongside a queen-size bed, and there is a landing area at the top. The weight capacity of the dog bed ramp is 120 lbs, so it looks like a good solution if your dog doesn’t like pet stairs. Carpeted Tri-Fold Pet Ramp
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Photo provided by FlickrPet Gear Free-Standing Extra Wide Carpeted Pet Ramp | Petco
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An 8" high carpeted wedge style indoor dog ramp (in this case used for 'sunken living room'). Nicely finished to match customer decor. We called it the "shorty".No one will doubt that this piece is a dog ramp, as it has back doggie steps pattern on it. Fluffy carpet padding provides soft feel for your pet's paws. The ramp is tall enough for high beds, and it's slope is relatively low.Pretty useful ramp for puppies or small, old or injured pets. Its frame is handmade of solid wood with a dark brown finish. There's an open cubby underneath. The entire upper surface is covered in carpet fabric with black paw prints.Simple, but decorative and useful dog ramp for high beds. This handmade item crafted from wood, carpet, screws and paint provides safe access to higher areas. It is comfortable and safe for small animals.StRamp 28" Pet Ramp
Practical slanted ramp intended for smaller, older or disabled dogs. It is made of grey plastic covered in a beige snaps-attached machine washable carpet tread. This ramp is lightweight, easy portable and has anti-slip rubbery feet.The ramp's carpet is often understated ,but we use only plush, residential-grade carpet for our indoor pet ramps. Not only does it look the best in your home, but also it is important that the ramp be covered with a "non-loop" carpet to avoid the painful result of catching a tiny toenail in a carpet "loop". The plush carpet is also important in providing a dense gripping surface for your dog or cat to grip as it ascends the ramp. Larger, heavier dogs also enjoy the added benefit of the nylon "grid" below the carpet fibers. Their larger nails can often reach that surface for even greater traction. (And, still, there's no risk of catching a nail!)Folding Pet Ramp
This practical folding ramp for animals, a great solution especially for smaller breeds. You can easily climb into the car, the higher sofas or armchairs. Made on the basis of solid wood has carpeting with polyester blend.The removable carpet tread is machine washable. The bottom of the ramp has rubber grippers to maintain its position. This lightweight ramp folds in thirds and has a carry handle for easy transport and storage.