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Freedom Pet Pass doors gives you several options for getting the perfect size of door for your cat
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This Door will accommodate even the largest cat and many dogs too, perhaps, 25 lbs. The 7" x 9 1/2" flap dimension is very large for a "Cat Flap" design pet door. Don't let the name "Dogwalk" bother you. This door is great for cats too!Pet-tek has done a great job with the flap as it is made from the same material as their popular, regular sized cat flap - polycarbonate. This is a very strong material that we'd expect to survive a great deal of use.The general rule of keeping the top of the flap opening above the pets shoulder is doubly important for the cat flap style doors. This practice eliminates the strain on the "ears" that support the flap in the frame.As with nearly all cat flaps, a 4-way lock is included with the usual settings: in-only, out-only, unlocked and locked. The self-framing adjustment range is 3/8" - 2" which will fit nearly all interior and exterior doors. Because they're self-framing, installation in a hollow core wood or steel door is not a problem.
The locking security panel comes standard on all Freedom Pet Pass cat doors.
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Some cat doors can be easily popped into sliding door tracks, while others require some more construction. Depending on your home, you may opt to install them in multiple locations, to make the great outdoors accessible from multiple rooms. When it comes to deciding where to install your cat doors, there are many options to choose from. Some pet parents set up their cat flaps in glass windows or walls. On the other hand some may prefer to install their cat flap right into their existing doors. For increased security, there are microchip cat doors available. These can provide exclusive access for your pet, while excluding other unwelcomed visitors. A microchip cat door is able to detect your pet’s presence with the use of an included microchip pet tag. Simply add it to your pet’s collar and watch the microchip door swing open as your pet approaches it. The Pet Corps Multi-Magnet Collar Keys work with all Catwalk Magnetic Cat Doors.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Pet Corps Multi-Magnet Collar Keys work with all Catwalk Magnetic Cat Doors.
Photo provided by FlickrPet Corps offers two Large Cat / Small Dog sized pet doors for through glass installation:
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One of the reasons I use Hale Pet Doors is the wide variety of standard sizes they offer. Hale Pet Door™ can also make a custom door to fit your unique situation. The chart below can help you choose which size door is best for you cat or dog.Our Ideal Pet Cat Doors have been uniquely created to keep your kitty out of trouble and help prevent injury. Our cat door selections include doors with collar sensors, cat flap doors, the super-popular electronic cat door, and more!

Browse our wide array of cat doors and choose the best fit for your family.Our cat pet patio doors were designed with your Ideal Pet’s safety and sense of adventure in mind. Feel free to browse through our products to see what cat door will work best for the whole family. From the perkiest puppy to the classiest cat, Ideal Pet Products offers a variety of dog doors and cat doors that match your pet’s sense of adventure. Enjoy the freedom of both with your new Ideal Pet Door.What model you need depends not only on your pet but also on the locations you have available for installation. You may have several locations that will work for your pet door. Think about the traffic patterns in your home and the demeanor of your pet. If you have a shy pet, a quiet place both in the house and yard may be the best location for your pet door. If your dog just runs in and out, put the pet door where he won't be underfoot. There are wall, door, in glass for windows and patio glass and doors, and panel models to fit your sliding glass patio doors. Hale Pet Door has 10 models in 11 standard sizes, 3 flap colors, 4 frame colors and 5 security cover colors. You can get more information on your options at . Consider the safety of your home. Though it’s not as big a problem with a cat-size door, larger pet doors can provide easy access to your home by burglars. You can minimize the risk by making sure the door isn’t visible from the street or alley by anyone looking into your yard. You can also build an L-shaped chute to make it more difficult for a person to get to and through the pet door.