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PetSmart stores cannot below the price above for this pet
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start up cost isnt 450, if anyone tells u that, they're full of it.
the cost for a cage can be anywhere from 30 - 75$ for rearing cages of 4 square feet. i build my own out of pvc pipe and screen thats heald on by zip ties. (all found at my local hardware store) the most expensive part of the cage is going to be the lights. uva/uvb bulbs run about $50 down here. all you need is a bulb and flourecent fixture from the hardware store (u can get them in pet shops but they jack up the price) watering systems can be as simple as a cup with a pin hole in the bottom. basking lamps are cheap and the bulbs dont even need to be for reptiles. as long as it generates radiant heat, it wil work. stay away from synthetic plants as plastic can breen bacteria cultures very eaily. use non toxic plants. plants, be they from outside or from the store, NEED to be rinsed off using a water or a light solution of soap and water (one drop of dawn to 2 gallons will be enough to clean them), this is needed because parasites and chemicles can often be lurking on the plant. you then need to re-plant them with fresh, store bought soil that doesnt contain fertalizers, as these chemicles can KILL your chameleon. humidity and temperature varies from species to species. as does nutritional needs. the age of your chameleon also has a factor in this.
I've never seen a chameleon in a pet shop for that price at all, closer to the 130$ they had the Senegal priced at
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Even small reptile shows generally have someone selling captive bornveiled chameleons. There are several advantages and disadvantages of purchasing veiledchameleons at reptile shows. The advantages include much lower pricing: veiled chameleonswholesale at reptile shows anywhere from $30-$100, depending on the age of the animal. Theprices are variable, but there will almost always be a better deal at a reptile show thanin a pet store. Reptile shows present an opportunity to talk directly with the breederabout captive care. Although most breeders are very busy at shows, they should take aleast a few minutes to discuss any questions you have on care, provide literature oncaptive care (or tell you where you can get some), and/or provide their phone number oraddress should you have any more questions. Even if you are very knowledgeable aboutveiled chameleon captive care and breeding requirements before a purchase, it still paysto purchase animals from a helpful breeder who can provide advice and encouragement. Theonly real disadvantage to purchasing a veiled chameleon at a reptile show is the fact thatsome breeders may be less than willing to provide information on captive care, and oncethe animal is sold, they disappear. If there are problems at a later date with thechameleon, these breeders may be very difficult to contact. This is the one advantage apet store with knowledgeable employees has over a reptile show; if there is a problem witha pet store purchase, the employees can be easily contacted for help or advice. If thereare no good reptile stores or local reptile shows available, captive born veiledchameleons may be mail-ordered. Pricing may vary by store location
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Your vet may recommend a chemistry panel and/or a complete blood count (CBC). These tests are very important for evaluating the overall health of the patient. Other common diagnostics include radiographs, culture and sensitivity of a lesion, fine needle aspirates, etc. The bill for these procedures quickly adds up and usually exceeds the original purchase price of your chameleon. These are the costs pet owners incur when they accept responsibility for the life of a delicate animal and should be figured into your annual budget for raising the chameleon. Mail-ordering veiled chameleons has some distinct disadvantages. Mail-ordering entails a purchase without inspection of the animal first, and is a transaction which relies heavily on trust. Many companies and individual breeders who mail-order veiled chameleons advertise in the classified section of herpetological magazines and journals. Also, if one has access to the Internet, there are many breeders and companies that maintain web pages with price lists. It is best to do business with an established and reputable company or individual. Ask other herpers or knowledgeable pet store employees for some references. It is defiantly possible to obtain quality, captive born veiled chameleons through mail-order, but one should follow several steps to ensure the quality of the animal before the order is made. Contact the potential source before the order and ask some questions about captive care, this is a good way to determine how conscientious the breeder or company is in business dealings. Mail-order also has the disadvantageous necessity of shipping, which can be stressful on the animal. Veiled chameleons are very hardy however, and if packaged properly and shipped at the appropriate time of the year, should ship with no problems.