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Every being wants to enjoy some kind of comfort. This collection includes inspirations for making cheap cages for your pets. As you can see, there are different ideas and solutions for smaller and larger animals and these ideas should suit the taste of both the owners and the pets themselves.
Have you been wondering how to get pet rat cages cheap? Here's a few ideas and tips to avoid spending lots of money!
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Wood shavings- Probably the most popular choice. Contrary to popular belief and to American rat fanciers, pine shavings are ok to use. They will not make your rats sick, as long as they are the kiln dried, dust extracted wood shavings. Brands include Breeder's Choice, Hysorb and Superior shavings. Wood shavings are nice and soft for rats to walk on and sleep in, they are absorbent, keep odours down and smell nice and lightly piney. They are pretty cheap, available at most large pet stock/ produce places in large bales. It can be messy and easily gets flicked out of cages. How To Get Pet Rat Cages Cheap
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is a really good decision because it is one of the pet rat cages that are cheap, an bestseller and it makes the cleaning process a lot quicker. The wire makes it easier to wipe mess off and you can easily take off the bottom section while you clean the floor of the cage. This way the wire top section can be used as a smaller cage, for your rats to stay in, while the bottom half is being cleaned.If you are okay with purchasing a pre-owned cage, then you could save anywhere from 25% to over 90% on a habitat for your pet rat. Previously used cages are generally pretty cheap simply because they come from people who potentially owned a pet in the past, but were forced to rehome it or it could have even passed away. These are ideal people to purchase cages from if you are currently on a budget. If you own or plan to own several pet rats, you may need several cages. This method of purchasing cages could save you several hundreds of dollars throughout time.Sometimes, these stores can have very high prices, or deeply discounted prices. It all depends on the store chain, and who they order their products from. Your area's location may have a factor in the price of the cage as well. You are going to want a cage that is sturdy and healthy for your pet rat, so ensure that you research the brand name before purchasing the cheapest cage available. You must also remember smaller cages will have smaller prices; you cannot just choose a smaller cage though. There must be at least 1.5 square feet of cage space, and the cage should be properly ventilated.Now that you are aware of the many ways to obtain rat cages cheap, you can use your knowledge to avoid the high retail prices. You could even begin your own cage building business as well! There are so many different ways to find housing for your pet rats; now, it is up to you to choose which option is best for you and your rat family.Perhaps one of the cheapest ways to house your pet rats is to build your own cages. There are many websites online that you can find blueprints for pet rat homes on. If you have been slightly discouraged by the current prices on premade rat homes and cages, this could be the best option for you. Generally, homemade cages are made out of items such as chicken wire or specifically cut shelving and closet racks for the upper part of the cage, with the base being made out of a variety of liquid resistant and stain resistant materials such as plastic storage containers. These can be very effective rat cages, and can be custom made to fit in a certain area in your home. If you have a large rat colony, you could even transform large wooden furniture into a rat cage, such as an old dresser. These pieces of furniture are usually obtained at yard sales, to lessen the cost.