Conair Pro Pet Clipper Size 30 Steel Replacement Blade, 0.5mm

Conair Pro Pet Clipper Size 40 Steel Replacement Blade 01mm *** See this great product.
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The ConairPRO Dog 2-in-1 Pet Clipper / Trimmer Kit is a popular choice for general clipping and trimming for any breed. Not only do you get the power of a 420 rotary DC motor, but the turbo switch gives you a 15% power boost through the thicker fur. The diamond-sharpened steel blade adjusts to five positions, and with the guard comb attachments, there are 40 total cutting lengths. After giving your pet an overall cut, you can detach the blade and replace it with a special trimmer blade to trim the paws, face and ears. This clipper kit includes a clipper, seven guard comb attachments, two trimmer comb attachments, a metal comb, scissors, a soft storage pouch, a blade guard, an instruction booklet, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush.
Conair Pro Pet Clipper Size 5F Ceramic Replacement Blade, 6mm  You can find out more details at the link of the image.
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I am cutting my hair again and after this cut my hair immediately and only needed a few minor adjustments as I started. I always do my own haircuts. This is how I fixed my clipper. This would work with a hair clipper or a pet clipper. If you use your clipper for cutting your hair the hair of other or grooming pets you should clean it out once in a while. My clip per had not been cleaned out it 20 years. The blades were not working and a simple cleaning and loosening of the screws that tighten the blades allowed them to cut / agitate back and forth. The tensioner screw on the side allowed me to adjust the vibration of the motor, as it was too loose and was really loud. Tightening it allowed the metal parts inside not to make contact.

I was surprised at hose simple this was, although be careful as you are dealing with an electrical device. Don't get electrocuted! If you don't know what your doing throw it away and spend $25 on a new one. Your loved ones would rather have you around then save the $25 bucks. A few bucks ain't worth dying over. I don't suggest anyone do this and this was simply an example of what I did and am not suggesting you fix yours. Don't be dead as this can be dangerous. I am not a professional and the repairs I did were what I thought may work. I have never repaired or fixed a clippers before. I did save some money but the savings was probably not worth the risk of me dying.

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Caution! I post all my videos for informational purposes only. Any attempt to duplicate these techniques are at your own risk! Conair Pro Pet Clipper Size 5F Steel Replacement Blade, 6.3 mm = Can't believe it's available, see it now : Dog clippers
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Photo provided by FlickrConair Pro Pet Clipper Size 15 Steel Replacement Blade, 1Mm · $39.05$31.99 ..
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Conair Pro Pet Clipper/Trimmer Replacement Blade for PGRD500 >>> Click image for more details. (This is an affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)ANDIS COMPANY PROFESSIONAL CLIPPER BLADE FOR ANIMAL, DOG and PET GROOMING, COMPATIBLE WITH ANDIS CONAIR OSTER AND WAHL DETACHABLE-STYLE CLIPPERS - SIZE 7 ** Be sure to check out this awesome product.Conair Pro Steel Pet Clipper Replacement Blade, Size 7F ** Check out the image by visiting the link. (This is an affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales) conair clippers manual How do I change the blade on the ConairPro Turbo Groom Pet Clipper? RTM. Read the manual. You can find a manual in .pdf format if you use Google and put in the make and model ... Conair Pro Pet Clipper Size 15 Ceramic Replacement Blade, 1mm ** See this great product. (This is an affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)ConairPRO Dog 16-Piece Cord / Cordless Pet Clipper Kit is designed for general clipping. It features a powerful lightweight DC motor that produces 50-percent more power than a magnetic motor. This 16-piece pet grooming kit includes 8 comb attachments, metal comb, blade guard, storage case, instruction booklet and DVD, lubricating oil, cleaning brush and scis