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Birdie Jade fits right in the flock of flamingos in our yard. The only thing I see this needs is a winning Florida lottery ticket. But truly I think all Florida just won the Creative Lottery! Because I won the last Creative competition in Florida I hope to be able to judge the first and continue to teach and inspire many groomers for years to come. ♦
Cute & Creative Pet Grooming provides Cat Grooming and Dog Grooming services in Omak, WA.
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The world of creative canine coiffure is a truly, deeply weird one. Last year, NYC-based photographer traveled to New Jersey’s , a high-profile grooming competition, because of course those exist, and took portraits of pooches clipped and dyed to look like flamingoes, clowns, leopards, and parrots, among other un-dogly things. Creative Poodle Grooming - Pet forum for dogs cats and humans - Pets ...
Photo provided by FlickrCreative Pet Grooming provides Cat Grooming and Dog Grooming services in Manchester, MI.
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The fans of unusual pets grooming ideas enjoy a modern trend in creative and colorful grooming. Stylish fur decorating designs can look like colorful butterfly wings on pets backs, jammy strawberries or modern bright stripes. Pet grooming specialists and fur stylists can create colorful fruits or cute ladybug brooches for your pets also.Painted with cheetah spots and cotton candy pink fur, the polished pooches in photographer Paul Nathan’s “Groomed” series are better suited for a high-fashion runway than the pet store. New York-based Nathan provides a (colorful) look into the world of creative dog grooming, which is equal parts delightful and totally bizarre. Estrella Pet Grooming's owner and operator, Catherine Opson, once again showed off her award winning creative grooming on Jimmy Kimmel Live for Jimmy's 3rd Annual Canine Costume Event. See Catherine's 2015 appearance below.

Paul Nathan was born in Auckland, New Zealand, though he now works and resides in New York. While Nathan focuses on beauty, portraits and editorial fashion, he has published two books on dogs, including Groomed and Couture Dogs of New York. Many of the images in Nathan’s books come from his time at high-end events like Intergroom, the world’s premiere pet grooming conference, that feature grooming competitions and educational seminars. Creative dog grooming is a thriving pet subculture, and it’s not uncommon for dog groomers to attend these events dressed to match their pooches. Ok… there’s art… and then there’s this. You don’t get more bizarre than creative dog grooming. These fluffy (and hopefully clueless) mutts have been dyed to look like everything from real-life My Little Pony’s to the entire cast of The Muppets stuck onto one furry dog body. The amount of planning that go into each of these creations is astounding, but it’s also astounding that this even happens.Whether you are a seasoned competitor or simply looking for new techniques to introduce into your salon (from accessories to color), the NAPCG has something to offer! Membership includes access to educational material on a variety of grooming-related topics and a subscription to CGQ: Creative Grooming Quarterly.