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On a cold winter night, most of us bundle up with a down comforter, turn the heat up or get the fire going. It can be uncomfortable to be cold. Well, the same goes for our pets. Their coat of fur or hair doesnt always keep them at the optimal temperature. And if they have a basic bed or blanket to sleep on, that can sometimes not be enough, especially for little dogs like terriers and toy dogs. Cats too. Thats why you need a heated bed for your special pet. K amp;H Pet Beds is the largest producer of heated pet products in the country. Their quality, innovation and wide selection are perfect for any pet owner, whether you have a dog, cat or wild and exotic bird. Your pets comfort is important. And when theyre happy, you can be happy too.

KH Pet beds come in a variety of sizes and shapes for your dog or cat. K and H Heated dog and cat beds give your pet the comfort they need during the cold winter months.

As a top KH Pet Product supplier, Pet Mountain works closely with the manufacturer to ensure that we carry the right inventory at the lowest possible prices. With our ability to buy in bulk and work with the supplier on discount programs and special promotions, we can offer you unbeatable specials and the best customer service in the industry, guaranteed.

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• This Discount Dog Bed Has Real Cedar Shavings. Cedar shavings are combined with the shredded memory foam. Cedar repels bugs and helps to keep this luxury pet bed smelling sweet. All this is one amazing doggy bed at discount pricing! Pet Accessories | Toys, Bedding, Bowls and Clothing - dd's DISCOUNTS
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• This Discount Dog Bed is Moisture and Soil Resistant. The strong and durable cotton fabric on this luxury pet bed is treated with Nano Tex, a new process that allows natural fibers to be water, stain and wrinkle resistant. Nano Tex nanofibers (about the size of three atoms) attach to the cotton to prevent fluid and dirt from penetrating. The cover is easy to clean and long lasting, yet the material will retain its natural cotton feel.• This Discount Dog Bed Has State-of-the-Art Memory Foam. Memory foam is weight and temperature-sensitive, relieving pressure points. With our memory foam dog bed your pet will enjoy the unique benefits of memory foam for a deeper, more comfortable rest! It's also ideal when recovering from surgery, suffering from arthritis, orthopedic problems or for just a super comfy nap! Visco elastic memory foam is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic and it's shredded, so your dog will love curling up on this winner memory foam dog bed.• This Discount Dog Bed is Available in Two Colors. Our designer pet bed is available in Natural Khaki and Hunter Green. The cover is a poly-cotton blend that's removable and washable.
Of course, choosing the perfect dog bed can be frustrating at times. We carry a variety of pet beds from to dog loungers and pet comforters to help you make the right choice. Precision Pet is our #1 dog bed manufacturer famous for their SnooZZy Pet Beds! Our vast supply of pet beds can offer you and your pet the most luxurious dog beds with the best comfort at unbeatable prices. Dogs love using the SnooZZy Cozy Comforter beds in their crates, carriers, dog houses, and anywhere else you can think of! During the winter a is also a popular choice. Its a high quality pet bed made with special memory foam that will contour to your pets body for ultimate comfort. Shop our great selection of high quality luxury bedding for the perfect dog bed.

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