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The best source of information regarding the health of your pet is your veterinarian. Your dog or cat should receive regular checkups and vaccinations. Ask your veterinarian any questions you may have about caring for your pet and find out the recommended pet medications, including flea, tick or heartworm preventatives. Once you know what medications to get for your dog or cat, it is easy to shop for them online. You can search the internet for a variety of pet meds and various pet products to keep your pet healthy and happy. When you shop online, you will find many discount pet meds suppliers that offer a large selection of name brand products at discount prices.
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Fetch My Meds is a 100% free program. You go to the Fetch My Meds and fill out the online form to get your FREE discount card. (The Fetch My Meds program works for dogs, cats, birds or any other kind of pet. Yes, you and Mr. Quills, the adorable hedgehog, can use Fetch My Meds, too!) Discount Pet Meds | Pet Medications | Buy Pet Meds Online
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However, for pet prescriptions that involve long-term care or on-going treatment, you can often obtain substantial savings on the cost of pet meds by ordering pet medicine online. Many online suppliers of pet medicines offer a full range of discount pet meds for non-emergency conditions. As a result, it can be quite convenient and cost-effective to purchase your pet's prescription meds online.Getting pet meds for less through our discount pet medication program is simple and hassle-free. Simply complete the online form and print out your pet Rx card. When you pay for your pet’s prescription, show your card to the cashier and walk away with extra money in your pocket.Summary: 1. Obtain pet meds directly from your veterinarian to treat emergency or urgent conditions. 2. Consider using a reputable online pet pharmacy to obtain discount pet medicines for long-term care and on-going treatment.Pet Medication Outlet is committed to offering the absolute lowest prices on pet medicine. We supply the same "top of the line" / approved pet meds that your veterinarian sells, the only difference is that Pet Med Outlet is able to provide you with a true discounted price because we are strictly an online business and maintain low overhead costs. We understand the importance of your time and money. That's why we give you real discounts on all pet medicine and supplies, especially when you shop with us. Discover how much you can save when you buy from a genuine discount petmeds store online!Let me start by explaining that the majority of pet medication pharmaceuticals do not condone the sale of their products online. They do not sell to discount pet med retailers, as they do not want their products handled and sold by them. Pharmaceuticals feel so strongly about this, that they actually submitted a class action law suit against these discount online pet medication retailers in early 2000s trying to legally bar them from carrying and selling their products, one that they lost. In response, pharmaceuticals armed veterinarians with literature and information for us to educate the public as to why it is a bad idea to purchase pet medications from discount retailers, or from anyone that is not a veterinarian or veterinary clinic, period. One recent exception to this general pharmaceutical policy is Bayer. No longer willing to keep out of the multibillion dollar a year discount pet med industry, they recently rescinded their stance against the condoning of the sale of their products by any venue outside of a veterinary clinic. The rest, however, remain steadfast in their stance against pet meds sold outside of vet clinics.Many meds prescribed for pets are the same as human meds and can often be obtained from a major pharmacy for a very low price if you buy generic. They cheerfully accept vet prescriptions. In many cases I have found this route much cheaper than going online. I even had a Walgreens discount card for my late elderly dog as she was on so many meds.