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Our Breathable pads & DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts LOCK wetness away and therefore are disposable.
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This clever new invention is great for home or travel. It provides for the functionality of a pet carrier and an enclosed litter box. It has an extendable dome for a disposable litter pan. The device is for cats, dogs, ferrets, and similar animals. It is easy to manufacture. The use of the Expandable Pet Carrier with Litter Tray Port provides for both the functionality and convenience of a pet carrier, and an enclosed litter box in a device which is easy to use for both the pet and owner, while ensuring the pets safety as well.
Pocket Disposable Pet Carrier for Small Animals, Cardboard, 12/Case - packaging for wildlife plushies
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10″L x 6 3/4″H x 5 1/2″W Disposable Pet Carrier by Oasis is made of 200 lbs test white cardboard. Created to carry small pets (gerbils, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc…) to vet, to and from a shelter or for general transport. This economical disposable pet carrier features easy one-piece assembly, and is inexpensively priced and packaged 12 per case. Safe for all pets, it contains no staples and has plenty of ventilation. Created to carry small pets to vet, to and from a shelter or for general transport. This economical disposable pet carrier feature
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Photo provided by FlickrOasis Disposable Pet Carrier is a moisture resistant cardboard carrier for small pets
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Our DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts are the Best we offer they are stiff and cushioned like a small mat. They are comfortable and stay flat under the pet unlike the other pads that fold and shift easily. Yet they are disposable. Cat carriers come in every style from disposable cardboard boxes to designer purses, and your choice of carrier can make or break your cat’s relationship with this vital safety device. The best all-purpose choice is a medium-sized (large enough to fit one cat comfortably) plastic box with a handle and openings in the front and the top. These can be found at pet stores and online pet supply outlets.