Djungarian dwarf hamster. Looks just like my pet hamster Muffin!

Cute Pet russian dwarf hamster, crittertrail ferris wheel cage
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To keep your dwarf hamster in perfect health, you can buy specialist supplements and mineral stones for your pet to snack on. I recommend ceramic bowls as they cannot be gnawed and they are difficult for a hamster to tip over spoiling dinner. Fresh Water from a water bottle should always be available to your pet.
They are also a common dwarf hamster sold at pet stores.
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New dwarf hamsters will unlikely to be accepted into a group later on. Like most pets, dwarfs can fall out from time to time, especially in small cramped conditions, so it is wise to make sure their housing has multiple spots for them to sleep alone usually if they need some alone time. are reported to be tough to get to live together peacefully, so it is best to treat them as a solitary type of hamster like the . My dwarf hamster swallowed a blueberry whole, I’m worried about him. He is our family pet.
Photo provided by FlickrYour Dwarf hamsters will require a . Hamster mix is widely available from pet shops, supermarkets or from online retailers like Amazon.
Photo provided by FlickrBoth Dwarf and Syrian hamsters make excellent pets. Here are the key differences between the two species.
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Everyone loves animals, right? Having a pet is a truly rewarding experience filled with companionship and love. However, sometimes dogs and cats can be too expensive or too high maintenance. Or, you could be allergic to them. Well, what if I told you that there is another type of pet out there; a dwarf hamster? Arguably the best type of hamster out there, this little critter is adorable, not costly, and low maintenance.So why wouldn't you want to own one of these little fluff butts? They are fun, energetic, easy to take care of, and not costly! If you are thinking about getting a pet, consider getting an adorable dwarf hamster!!2. They are less noisy than other pets. Dwarf hamsters don't bark or make noise when they walk. The only noise you may hear is them running on the wheel, biting on the cage, or the occasional, but rare, squeak. However, the noise is still not as loud as a dog's bark.Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are the dwarf hamsters that are most often found in pet stores. In the wild they are found in China, Russia and in other areas of Central Asia. Their dark grey appearance is very similar to that of the Winter White, and they have a similar lifespan; averaging around 2 years.Syrian hamsters are the largest of the captive hamster breeds and they are often the most popular as pets. They have a lively personality and can be really fun to watch and interact with. If you handle them from an early age Syrian hamsters can be trained well, if you have a little patience. They are generally slower paced than dwarf hamsters so they are easier to keep up with, especially during the training process.Chinese dwarf hamsters are one of the smallest pet hamster breeds, measuring approximately 2 inches at full maturity. These tiny creatures are characterized by a white underbelly, grey-brown top coat and a dark stripe along the back. A generally docile pet, Chinese dwarf hamsters typically do well when housed in same-sex pairs, preferably littermates.