POWER PET Electronic Pet Door For Sliding Glass Patio Doors.

The Electronic Pet Door for Patio Sliding Doors Pet Opening: 7
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The High Tech Pet PX-2 96 in. x 18 in. Electronic Pet Patio Door for Sliding Glass Doors is motor driven and activated by a tiny ultrasonic collar. The pet door is pre-installed in an aluminum-framed glass insert that powers up and down and does not swing out. The door panel features a translucent, bulletproof-resin construction to resist being kicked out by an intruder.
Power Pet Medium Electronic Sliding Glass Patio Pet Door
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To promote optimum energy efficiency, all brands of electronic pet doors carried by America's Pet Store come with weather-stripping to help insulate the pet door after installation. Other brands we carry that are also designed for optimum energy efficiency (but are not electronic) are , and . If you need a pet door for sliding glass doors that is super energy efficient take a look at Patio Pacific's models that feature dual-pane glass and the famous . Electronic Patio Pet Door - Reg. Height - Aluminum
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Photo provided by FlickrElectronic Patio Pet Door - Tall - White - High Tech Pet
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If you are looking for a super secure, exceptionally insulated sliding glass cat or dog door that gives you the convenience of a fully automatic electronic pet door insert, the only choice is our amazing Power Pet Fully Automatic electronic patio pet door. These doors include a sliding glass patio insert with a built-in Power Pet fully automatic electronic pet door. The Deluxe series features the Power Pet door installed in a single pane Ideal Fast Fit sliding glass insert. The e-Glass series features a extra heavy duty 13/16" extruded aluminum frame with a dual pane, tempered low-e glass panel. Pet door sizes are medium for pets 30 lbs. and under and large, for pets up to 100 lbs. There is no better choice than a Power Pet sliding glass patio pet door. This amazing product gives you the convenience of our Power Pet fully automatic, pet operated door with all its unique features including motorized operation, directional sensing, auto dead bolt lock, auto safety retract, 4 way access, dual range control and much more. The Low-e patio pet door insert is the heaviest, highest quality patio insert made with the best double pane glass there is. These doors feature a hermetically sealed, zero draft panel that will not leak a breath of air even in hurricane force winds. Truly the ultimate in a sliding glass patio pet door. And, considering quality, features and money saving energy efficiency, these pet doors are an outstanding value for your money.Only Power Pet fully automatic electronic dog and cat doors give you the level of professional engineering, safety and security for doors, walls patio doors and French doors and allow you to integrate with other electronic pet supplies for a complete automated pet care system. All this while adding a beautiful show piece to your home that will give you and your pet something to howl about!All available electronic sliding glass dog doors and electronic patio pet doors. A great pet door solution. No need to cut a hole in a door or wall. No need to modify your sliding glass door framing. When you move, take it with you. This High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Patio Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors is pre-installed in an aluminum-framed glass insert that fits easily into your sliding glass patio door. The pet door is activated by an ultrasonic waterproof collar (included) that will not interfere with or be affected by other electronic devices. The door features a directional sensing system that opens the door only when your pet is approaching.