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There are several advantages to purchasing an exterior door or a storm door with a pet door already installed. For starters, they eliminate the need to cut a hole in one of your existing doors.
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As mentioned, few models truly provide a quality seal or barrier to the outdoors. We also mentioned our best recommendation. Lets focus out attention to those characteristics that make one design better than another. In general, there are two design types when it comes to dog doors. There are flexible flap versions and rigid flap versions. 85% of the dog doors on the ,market are flexible flap. The reason for this is that this type of design tends to seal better than a rigid flap. another reason is that dogs and cats tend to shy away from a rigid flap because of the drag along their back and in some models, the weight of the flap on their back. One might think that a product that mimics a refrigerator door would be ideal...until they realize that their dog will not use it...and yes there are pet doors that are designed as such, they are just not popular. The better flexible flap doors are found in the dual flap models. A dual flap door has an interior and exterior flap with an air space in-between. This air space is a great insulator. It becomes the best insulator when the flaps seal perfectly each time after use. Dual flap models are not any more difficult for dogs or cats to use than a a single flap. Doorbuy's 1/2 Lite With Pet Door - Exterior doors offer a wide selection of decorative, energy efficient glass designs. Personalize your door today!
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We now offer Full View Glass Inserts with a built in pet door that are designed to replace the existing glass insert in many standard exterior metal doors - with just a screwdriver! NOTE: Exterior doors with pet doors are not bored for the door handle or countersunk for door hinges. For accuracy, this should be done at your home using your existing door's lock and hinges as a template. This will ensure the door handles and hinges will be placed correctly when installed. Full View Glass Inserts with pre-installed pet doors are not only easier to install than full-size exterior or storm doors - they cost a lot less, too! We now offer standard size Glass Inserts with built-in pet doors that are designed to replace the existing glass insert in many standard exterior metal doors. Pet doors with flaps and metal security inserts allow your pets to move freely from inside to outside without you needing to open the door. The flap reduces the bugs that can enter the home yet allows the pet to push through. The security door is easy to drop into the interior slot to close off the opening when you are out of the house or want to lock up. The door can be installed in any kind of exterior door without removing the door.Glass Inserts with pet doors are easier to install than exterior or storm doors with pet doors...and they cost a lot less. If your current glass insert is secured with screws (not nails) then all it takes is unscrewing and removing it and installing the new glass insert.