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Get battle stats and pet collecting info for all Beast feline companions in World of Warcraft.
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How this applies to Fluxfires is I believe the game server has a soft limit to how many "battle pets" can spawn. Since the Dwarf starting area has no enemies that eat the battle pets, the Dwarf starting area soon becomes a forest of green paws. Thus destroying the critters in the Dwarf starting area, allows for other battle pets to spawn in the zone. I was able to help many friends get their Fluxfire Felines this way.
Feline & Canine Pet-Ema™
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Photo provided by FlickrMy biggest concern with any form of feline pet, is declawing. Declawing is barbaric, and should be banned universe-wide.
Photo provided by FlickrEarlysville Animal Hospital offers boarding for cats so that you can leave your feline pet in total comfort in our spacious Cat Condos.
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