Ferrets and Children, ferrets and kids, ferrets as pets for kids

Although gorgeous, there are a few things worth considering before getting ferrets as pets.
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Ferrets have lots of good points as pets, but there are some negatives as well. Like kittens and puppies, they require a lot of care and training for the first years.
Are ferrets suitable for home with other pets? It's a common question and one which deserves careful consideration.
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Cuddly and energetic, lovable ferrets are becoming increasingly popular as family pets. This Barron's guide is the only volume available that speaks directly to the issue of training a ferret. Chapters include information on handling, litter box training, walking on a leash, and much more. Handsome, full-color photos help to demonstrate training techniques and show ferrets in the household. Ferrets are adorable, high-energy pets that do best in small groups. We share our advice for keeping your ferret happy and healthy.
Photo provided by FlickrBut even if they can't overturn the ban, California ferret owners say they have no plans to give up their beloved pets.
Photo provided by FlickrIt is a very, very tough job keeping ferrets as pets for a number of reasons. Here are some of the big ones below:
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With a ferret’s intelligence and jester-like antics, they do make wonderful pets. However, a new ferret takes a lot more time and experience than most people realize, which doesn’t make them ideal for a new pet owner or for a house with small children.It’s important to note that regardless of whether you choose a male or female ferret both require de-sexing for health reasons when kept as pets and this generally reduces a number of the temperament and behavioural traits between the two sexes. There are, however, some subtle difference that may help you choose.If you plan on having ferrets, it’s critical to get them spayed or neutered. Female ferrets stay in heat until they mate, and if they don’t mate it can lead to detrimental health conditions and potentially high vet bills. If male ferrets aren’t neutered, not only do they tend to smell worse, their temperament changes. It’s best for you and your pets to have them spayed and neutered.The reason I am telling you this now is not because I want to make myself look like a bad ferret owner (I think I have come a very long way since those days)but I want anybody who is thinking of keeping ferrets as pets to consider a few things before making this choice.Captive bred ferrets are entertaining pets. Ferrets are in the weasel family (Mustelidae) and are related to otters, minks and weasels. Ferrets come descented before sale and are usually already spayed or neutered. They can live anywhere from 6 – 9 years.Ferrets are more like dogs or cats than most other small pets, and are best for adults and older children who want to have a lot of interaction with their pet.Ferrets are intelligent, curious pets who love to explore. They are very playful and will amuse you for hours with their antics. When playing, they can get so excited that they bounce into walls! However, they are also quiet animals and make ideal apartment pets.Ferrets are very inquisitive, playful, affectionate, and intelligent small animals. They make wonderful pets, but they require more care than other small mammals. Their care is more comparable to that of a cat or a dog. Although they should be in a cage when you are unable to supervise them they should be allowed out of the cage for 3-4 hours daily.