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If you want freshwater fish as aquarium pets, you need to know how to care for them.
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As strange as it may seem, there is a physiological reason why our pets like fresh water…even though we might not think that toilet water is fresh!!!
Freshwater Pets are caught using the . There are also a number of  that can be earned from catching freshwater fish.
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Dehydration can be dangerous for our pets, and it is easy to prevent with a little bit of planning ahead. Making sure your pets and livestock always have access to fresh water is an important part of keeping them safe and healthy though the winter months. Do you have questions about the best ways to keep fresh water available for your animals all winter long? or to talk to our veterinary technicians or our veterinarians about how you can keep water available for your pets. Freshwater Turtles are endearing pets but they do require very specific care and a comfortable environment to remain in tip top shape.
Photo provided by FlickrFeb 23, 2016 - Learn all about what it takes to keep freshwater puffers as pets.
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These freshwater turtles were originally discovered in eastern and southern Africa. They make great pets because they are most active during the daytime, and are easily acquired since they are not on the endangered species list.While many great organizations are providing fresh water to Flint residents, we wanted to make sure that their pets weren't being forgotten. We are happy to share that through the Genesee County Humane Society, the water we are collecting will go to pet owners and their furry family members.When it comes to freshwater aquarium snails, there are many points of view to consider. There has been an ongoing debate as to whether or not aquarium snails should be seen as beneficial pets or destructive and troublesome pests.One of the most admired and beautiful fish in a freshwater aquarium, these fish enjoy warm water. Showing a variety of colors from brilliant blues to vibrant reds, and everything in between, these fish are also bred at Preuss Pets.Our freshwater microfish and shrimp help to keep your freshwater aquarium algae-free by feeding on it. An important member of your tank's ecosystem, you can always find them at Preuss Pets.Rats are intelligent, curious creatures that make excellent pets for people looking for gentle rodent companions. With the responsibility of rat ownership comes the need for a balanced diet and a continuous supply of fresh water. Water bottles can harbor bacteria, dust and debris. To keep a pet rat healthy, fresh water should be available at all times.Freshwater puffers are a relatively misunderstood and under-represented fish in the aquarium trade. There are very few factually correct guides that detail the care of these fish. Also, many of the fish sold as puffers are not freshwater fish at all. However, the true freshwater puffers are a wonderful specialist fish and they are very rewarding to keep as pets, provided that their basic needs are met.Although most of these risks seem relatively low-grade, it never hurts to keep a watchful eye on your pets. Try keeping the seat down at all times to discourage them from rehydrating themselves with toilet bowl water. Also, consider replacing their standard drinking bowls with a pet water fountain to keep your pet pleased with fresh running water.