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After searching for more than a decade for a quality grooming tool that could solve the problem of shedding, a professional groomer decided to design one herself. The result is the FURminator, a highly effective deShedding tool that quickly and easily removes loose hair from your pet's coat. Now there's a whole line of FURminator grooming products, from anti-itch shampoos to brushes and combs, and even nail grinders. Pet parents have put their trust in the FURminator line because these tools are made with quality, and they actually work.
Furminator Curry Pet Brush
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The patented FURminator deShedding Tool for Small Cats quickly and easily removes (without cutting) the loose, dead undercoat cat hair that's the underlying source of a pet owner's major complaint -- shedding and the allergies and cleanliness problems associated with it. Not only does this FURminator deShedding tool reduce shedding up to 90%, but it also helps to prevent hairballs. The grooming brush's uniquely designed stainless steel edge grabs loose undercoat hair and harmlessly removes it without damaging your cat's topcoat. For added convenience, the FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from this FURminator for cats tool with ease. Simply push the button and the hair will be released. This FURminator tool for cats features a sleek, ergonomic handle that makes the tool easy to grip. While short and long hair cat breeds have different grooming needs, the FURminator tool is available in two different sizes that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of your cat's coat. Choose the long or short hair version to make grooming your cat faster and easier. The stainless steel edge reaches deep beneath your cat's long or short topcoat to safely remove undercoat and loose hair quickly and easily. Your cat's lustrous coat is an indication of the superb care you provide for her. By reducing shedding by up to 90%, this FURminator cat tool enables you to share your home with your beloved kitty, without surrendering it to her pet hair. Best Pet Brush: See Why The Furminator Dog Brush ROCKS
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The Furminator is a rather simple-looking pet brush that says that it help relieve you of your pet hair troubles. It says that it works at getting the undercoat of your pet so that it not only gets the hair they’re shedding now, but the hair they’ll shed later as well. But can something this unassuming actually provide the results they say it can?I purchased one large FURminator from, of all places, ebay. I figured one brush could work on both the cat and dog. I started with our dog - and pulled enough hair off of him to fill half of our trash can. NO JOKE! When this brush says it pulls out dead, loose hair and the undercoat - that is definitely what is does. My husband thought I was going to strip the dog of all his hair - he told me to stop brushing him because he didn't understand where the fur was coming from either. I then went on to our cat. Now, our cat is a tiny little thing - a munchkin - but I pulled a full size cat of hair off of her. I have to say, I don't have to brush every week like I thought I would, the dust bunnies have found a new home somewhere else because I certainly don't see them anymore - the animals LOVE the brush and seeminly fight over who will get brushed first when I bring it out. The FURminator isn't like any other brush I have ever used, and I don't see any reason to purchase any other type of brush. I have found out our local vet uses it - and the groomers in the back use it - and from telling people about it locally, most groomers here use it. Your pets coat will be shinier, healthier, you will have less hair floating around, which means less dander - and you don't need ot brush as often because this brush does all the work for you. Seeing is believing with the Furminator! It out performs all other grooming adn shedding brushes with its ergonomic handle and patented stainless steel blade.

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The Furminator is available from Paws for Thought Pet Centres.

I was skeptical at first. Sixty bucks for a dog brush! My own hairbrush doesn't cost half that. But then I borrowed one a few times at the dog run, and I was completely won over. The FURminator may cost 10 times what some generic pet brush does, but it does at least 10 times as good a job.