5 surprising ways pets are good for kids—and families too!

 5 surprising ways pets are good for kids--and families too!
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For older children some reptiles can also make great pets. These reptiles include bearded dragons, anoles, some geckos, and for kids who don’t need the constant interaction from a pet, even a snake might make a good pet.
Do you know if rabbits make good pets for kids, or would you recommend something smaller like a hamster to start out with?
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Hermit crabs can make good pets, but there is a lot to consider before buying one for your kids. Let's take a look at hermit crabs and pets in general through the eyes of a young child. In short: Good pets for kids are those a child can help care for herself
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Photo provided by FlickrGood small pets for kids include guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits
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This list of the best pets for children includes pet reptiles that require basic feeding, as well as small mammal pets that might allow kids to play with them and even cuddle. Vote up those animals you think make the best pets for families with children to move them to the top of the list. If you believe a kid can handle a dog, great! Vote it up - and also check out this list of the best dog breeds for kids. If you don't think children should have even the best exotic pets, vote them down. This list includes the best pets for young children and small children as well as good pets for older children. What do you think are the best low maintenance pets for kids? Use this best pets for kids list to decide if your child is ready to care of an animal!This is a good age for pets that are confined to a cage so that kids can enjoy watching them, and parents control when it comes out of the cage.
Little boys - and some little girls - love lizards and snakes. A lot of moms don't. That said, lizards and snakes make good pets for kids with allergies, as they are of course without fur or feathers. If your child is going to have a snake or lizard, be sure there's an adult in the house who's willing to handle it. You've got to have that back up person with these critters.At shows we often hear the question “are chameleons good pets for kids”. There are two parts to this question. The first is whether the chameleon is a good pet for kids and the second is if kids are good for the chameleon.They’re amazing pets but they do require attention, which is one of the reason I think they’re good pets for kids that want to have a pet that they can hold and baby.Small starter pets can help kids get into the swing of caring for animals and set the tone for eventually dealing with dogs and cats that require more time, care and discipline. It’s also a great way to get them used to having responsibilities and ultimately learning the pride of doing a good job. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at 5 small animals that make excellent house pets for younger children. Of course they’ll need overseeing from an adult, but these pets shouldn’t eat up too much of your time or budget, if you decide to bring one home. That’s why they make great starter pets for kids.