Hideaway Pets - Tabby Cat Baby Pinky - As Seen on TV- 5" Foldable

Hide Away Pets™ - Super Soft, Cuddly Toy Animals For Kids! The baby one looks cuter.
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are the plush toys that open up to go on amazing adventures with you. They’re soft to the touch and love you so much. When playtime is over, HideAway Pets curl up to hide away until you’re ready to play again.
Izzy wanted to show you her the Bunny Hideaway Pet and Lulu FurReal Friend she got for Christmas.
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Hide Away Pet Olaf opens up to play, then curl up and hide away. Lovable, huggable Hide Away pet Olaf curls up like a ball but open up to play and share exciting adventure! Olaf your favorite character from Frozen is soft to the touch and wonderful for cuddling. Perfect for bedtime, playtime – any time. Hide Away Pets as seen on TV the cute, foldable stuffed animal that kids love. 15” tall. ! Hide Away Pets™ - Super Soft, Cuddly Toy Animals For Kids! × Lorelai wants the Hedgehog
Photo provided by FlickrBelow is a photo from July 2014 of a Hideaway Pet for sale at a Target in Las Vegas for $19.99.
Photo provided by FlickrHide Away Pets Pooh Bear - As Seen On TV - 5" Foldable Stuffed Animal - NEW!
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Hideaway Pets are loveable new stuffed animals that will amaze you with their surprises. You may see them cuddled up at first, but then you can open them up to play and share your most exciting adventures. are made with soft materials so they are so soft and cuddly. These stuffed animals are perfect for bedtime or anytime you need a friend.Hideaway Pets are stuffed animals for children which can be rolled up and "hidden" away for easy storage. Read my Hideaway Pets review and observations.Hideaway Pets are 15 inches tall and cost $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping and handling. As an added bonus, your Hideaway Pet comes with a Baby Hideaway Pet for free! Just pay shipping and handling. But wait! For a limited time they will also include collectible adventure cards!Checkout Jay At Play 15 Hideaway Pets (Persian Kitten):

My daughter loves Jay At Play 15 Hideaway Pets so much. She sleeps with it. Takes it on car trips and loves to have it with her at all times. The buttons work perfectly. I would recommend it for any little kid.Hideaway Pets is an As Seen on TV product marketed to children, often advertised during daytime television. The plush toy can be opened up for playtime, and curled up into a ball to “hide away” when not in use. There are seven designs available: Siberian Husky, Persian Kitten, African Lion, Snow Monkey, Lop Eared Bunny, Hedgehog, and Penguin. The toy closes via a snap, one on its head and one on the bottom.A common question is, “Are Hideaway Pets in Stores?” The answer is yes. They are readily available at retailers such as Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, and Walmart for about $20. Not all of the designs are currently available in stores, but the product’s Facebook page admins have said that more designs will be available in the Fall of 2014.Adopt all seven HideAway Pets. Choose from Siberian Husky, Persian Kitten, African Lion, Snow Monkey, Lop Eared Bunny, Hedgehog or Penguin. They all look and feel so real.The commercials and website for Hideaway Pets mention a Jumbo pet. These are not available in stores, and it appears that the only way to get one is as an add-on via the website once you have already input your credit card information to order a regular Hideaway Pet. If you have obtained a jumbo Hideaway Pet, please give me your review of it below.