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Jerry Williams likes being asked why he started a holistic pet products distribution company
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Welcome to Wolf Creek Ranch! Here, the animals are our friends, family, teachers, angels, and loves. Experience and research has taught us that traditional methods of feeding, worming, vaccinating, and medicating do not bring optimum health to ourselves or the animals. Thus, we utilize ONLY natural rearing and holistic treatment methods. Species appropriate nutrition (aka SARF for our canine and feline carnivores - Species Appropriate Raw Food), natural, holistic, herbal, and homeopathic remedies, etc., along with plenty of exercise, sunshine, proper training, and tender loving care.Ever notice the wild animals are NOT extinct? Coyotes, foxes, wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, deer, bear, etc. are thriving. Why is it they aren't all dying from , , , , , , lepto, , blood sucking insects like , cancers, and ALL the diseases we are vaccinating and chemically treating OUR pets for? The answers begin with the fact that the wild life are eating NOT krappy killer kibble in a bag. They are getting tons of daily healthy exercise running their tails off or flying their wings off daily to hunt down their species appropriate nutrition which helps keep their immune systems strong and HEALTHY! They are NOT chemically wormed, given toxic , , NSAID's, etc. In other words, their bodies aren't constantly being poisoned with traditional medicine (which lowers their immune systems), as traditional veterinarian's treat our beloved pets and animals. The ONLY thing driving the wild life to extinction in our opinion is "Man's Progress" - freeways, shopping centers, tract homes, hunters, etc. and the air and water pollution that results from this so-called progress.Keep your animal companions naturally healthy and their lives will be healthier and longer lived "healthy" lives, not lives filled with dis-ease and early death. Research the effects of chemical wormers like ivermectin, pyrantel, etc. and find that more effective natural wormers like is an easy, natural method of worming. Toxic traditional flea and mite preventatives are more healthily replaced with all natural or natural fly control . The unhealthy effects of are causing dis-ease, including cancers, liver diseases, etc., just as unhealthy are destroying our immune systems and compromising our health and healthful longevity.The products we carry are those we personally use amongst ourselves and our animals. We carry a variety of healthy, natural, and organic supplements and immune system boosters as well as holistic herbal remedies to help eliminate ,
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Jerry Williams likes being asked why he started a holistic pet products distribution company. “I’ve shared the answer many times and am always happy to do so, as my intent has been the same from day one – to make available only the foods and products I personally believe in.” Wolf Creek Ranch Natural Holistic Pet Health Care Information and Products.
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The most compelling reason for buying holistic pet food is what’s in ordinary pet food, whether it’s wet or dry. The pet food industry is regulated by the FDA, but nowhere close to the way that food for human consumption in the U.S. is. Current regulations allow the use of diseased livestock, including fish, along with grains and other food products that have become contaminated and are no longer fit for human consumption. Holistic Select is available exclusively at local independent pet stores and regional chains. .

Disclaimer: Because some retail locations carry select Holistic Select recipes, we suggest you call the store location first to see if your product of choice is in stock.

Note: For rural areas, please search by city and state rather than zip code for the optimal store list in your area.Labels are also deceiving. Natural is a term that with loose regulation and manufacturers apply it to products that may be natural but far from healthy. The only label on pet or human food that the USDA regulates carefully is certifying food that is organic. Although holistic pet food may not necessarily always be organic, it’s still a healthier alternative, since it rarely contains ingredients that would otherwise be discarded.Accompanied with our backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, and animal health sciences, we have been inspired to create The Wholistic Pet and its superior offerings of products